Why’d I Ruin My Hair?!?

I don’t know what’s up with me but I feel ugly lately.

And I think, maybe dyeing my hair red would be cool? But first I have to bleach it since it doesn’t show up on brown hair.

And that’s the back story of why I ruined my hair last weekend.

Beware these photos. Horribly ugly hair color is heading your way.

Step one. L’oreal bleach kit. (Bad choice #1) This is what my hair turned into with two kits. I have too much hair first of all. Second of all, just no.

Then Allan went to the store at like 1am to get me something to try to fix it since church was the next morning. He got me an ash blonde kit. It toned down the yellow orange just a smidge. (I should’ve just gone back to brown then but I was still debating trying red)

This is what I looked like Sunday. I did not go to church.

I cried myself to sleep that night. But gosh, look at how ugly I was!

Two boxes of Revlon dark brown dye later:

One good lesson from all of this is I now think brunette is the best ever and really appreciate my long, crazy hair.

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