Sweeping and Mopping!

I’ve noticed that Everett likes to do everything he sees me doing. He follows the leader all day. It’s really cute and touching that he wants to be like me. I sweep and mop at least once every day, and most of the time I sweep three times a day or more! So, naturally, Everett thinks sweeping and mopping is the BEST thing on earth! He always has the mop since I grab the broom and go start sweeping first. He sees me sweeping and makes a beeline straight for the pantry for the mop and then joins me in cleaning the floors. It makes me giggle.
If I am finished sweeping really quickly Everett gets sad and points to the broom after I put it in the pantry and whines and points toward the table. There are HOURS spent in this house sweeping. We often sweep the entire house together just because he thinks it’s so fun!

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