Sierra’s Dreams Come True

There are several places here in Idaho that offer horse back riding lessons. Problem is choosing one! We’re nervous about the choice so we haven’t signed Sierra up yet. She’s dying to start, though!

In our neighborhood lots of people own horses. We pass them on our walk. This one day the horses spotted us and came galloping over! I told the kids, “This is a very specific way they’re acting. I bet you anything one of our neighbor’s fed these horses something recently.”

Sure enough mere minutes later our neighbors two houses down came walking up with their kids and told us how they’ve been feeding the horses carrots!

My kids weren’t very happy that we’re thoughtful neighbors who don’t feed our neighbor’s horses without permission, they wanted to feed the horses carrots but I said no. I said, if you want to feed them the grass and weeds they’re eating from where they are that’s totally fine since they’ll eat those anyway.

The owner of the horses came out after we’d been there a few minutes and called the horses over. I think he was pissed that people may be feeding his horses. I told Allan I felt so terrible and like I wanted to yell to him, “We didn’t do it!! We’re not giving them anything they can’t eat by themselves! Please don’t think I’m thoughtless about your animals!”
Allan said it wasn’t a big deal. It bothers me still. haha

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