Mini Greenhouse Gardens From Target

The Target dollar spot always gets me around back to school time. I load my cart up with that stuff. I noticed these little greenhouses and normally wouldn’t give them a second glance but for some reason thought it’d be fun and grabbed four. We set them up the next day.

Everett kept climbing on the table to see. And would get upset when I’d take his treasures from him.

The greenhouses looked cute in the windowsill above the kitchen sink.

Everett was being ridiculous that day. He was whining to be held and I’d pick him up and then two second later he’d flop toward the ground. It was killing my back. I’d put him back down and he’d freak out and scream and cry to be picked up. Then I’d pick him up and after a couple seconds he’d flop toward the ground again :/

I bought many of those blank books from the dollar spot. Many. The kids each got one to start recording their plant growing process. That was the best idea because they took their books seriously and wrote in them every day after watering their plants and now their books are complete and so fun to read together!

I changed into comfier clothes and put my hair up to wear Everett since holding him wasn’t working on my hips. My poor back and hips πŸ™

We draw on the white board a lot.

This is what happens when you’re baking something and notice a piece of paper towel in the bottom of the oven and think, oh I’ll just grab it quickly with this oven mit. And you’re using one of those stupid Wal-Mart decor oven mits from Christmas.

I mentioned in that post about Everett’s new high chair that the base can be used as a high chair on its own, here’s a photo of that:

This was Everett’s first time playing with play-doh. He liked it a lot.

Brooke was drawing cute scenes on the white board πŸ™‚

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