Everett Easton Gets His VERY OWN BROOM!!

With how obsessed Everett is with brooms and mops I decide to buy him a kid’s toy broom so that it’s easier for him to wield! Problem is our small Wal-Mart has nothing of the sort in their toy section. I’m about to give up and wait until we’re at Target next but then think, maybe there’s a short broom in the cleaning section that would work for him! I think I’ve seen short brooms there before! Sure enough!

Everett spots the broom as I pick it up to look at it and with both hands and a huge smile tries to reach for it while giggling like crazy. He took it when I handed it out to him and refused to let go the rest of the trip! He was very concerned when I took it for about five seconds to let the cashier ring it up at the end of the trip!

The parking lot was pretty empty so I let him walk around with his broom before taking it from him to put in the trunk for the drive home. It ended up not being enough and I had to give him the broom when he was in his car seat!

Once home he swept and swept and swept. After a while I put him on the bench for a picture. He smiled (at his broom) and then promptly went back to sweeping.

Not too long later he brought me my broom so we could sweep together. We swept a lot that day. Like, probably a good hour. haha!

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