Entertaining the Toddler

Bringing new life to old toys. Not that Everett really needs it with those stacking cups, he LOVES those things!! We have several sets just in case any of the individual cups get lost! They’re super cheap at Wal-Mart.

One day I brought some old bottles over to Everett’s play area and with him watching I set the bottles down and put the lids on. Then I took the lids off and put a domino in each bottle and set the lids back on top.
Then I did nothing… played with something else. He dove into this new game! He played with those bottles and those dominoes forEVER!! One time while he was putting the lids off and on I snuck one of the bottle lids to the side and hid it under a stacking cup. When he looked back to the bottle to put the lid on and didn’t see it he started looking all around him. That’s when, without a word, I pulled up the stacking cup revealing the bottle lid. He smiled and grabbed it and put it on the bottle and then I went back to “playing” something else. Everett then had a new game where he’d hide either the bottle lids or the dominoes under individual stacking cups. He lined up the stacking cups, he hid the parts under them, then he’d put everything back together (stack the cups, put the lids on with the dominoes in the bottles) and then start over! It was SO freaking fun! He seriously played with that for SO long!

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