Ember Plants and My Daughters Are Blind!

Ember’s plant was knocked off the windowsill and after trying my best to put it back in the greenhouse it wasn’t working. The roots had no space to grow and her plant was dying. We planted it outside. Of course it died immediately. We’ll start over with planting. The kids want to do flowers in pots and I want to do herbs. Will keep you posted.

Brooklyn likes this book series called Warrior Cats and there’s a character, JayFeather (is it one word?), who is blind. Brooke pretends to be Jayfeather all the time by closing her eyes when the kids play Warrior Cats. One day I offered to tie a scarf around her eyes instead and she loved that!! Then all the kids wanted to play blind so we did. For probably an hour (more?) they played blind. After a while of regular play I started messing with them by tickling them or putting weird things in their hands (like avocado!) and they LOVED it. We were all laughing like lunatics and having the best time. Wisely I remembered to take a picture at the end to remember the day ๐Ÿ™‚

That night Allan was watching fishing videos on youtube. Ember was sitting on my lap and I was braiding and playing with her hair.

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