Elephant Has Surgery!!

For the millionth trillionth time!

 I’ve not blogged about how frequently elephant needs patching. I’m sure it would get old considering it gets old sewing him all the time. Back in Castle Rock was the last time I sewed elephant, I think. I got SO sick of sewing him all the time (Payson is ROUGH on him) that I finally used those thick baby diaper pins to pin him shut!! Then if new holes emerged I’d reposition the pins instead of sewing all the time. Before that I’d started sewing elephant on the sewing machine. Not well, just enough to keep him together. I mean, if you’d sewed a stuffed animal as often as I had maybe you’d have done the same things?

Anyway, one day when elephant came out of the wash and I was looking at his pins I thought, I’ve got to do something different. The pins are ugly and stupid but I don’t want to sew him every week either. I finally went on the hunt for the strongest thread in existence (I’d tried strong threads before) and found some heavy, heavy duty stuff. I sat down one day a couple weeks ago and Elephant had what is hopefully his last surgery. I sewed and sewed and sewed. I did the best job I could to reinforce everything and make Elephant look close to his original self.
Here’s the result. It’s been two weeks and Elephant has held up strong! 🙂

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