Cafe Rio for Lunch, Dinner at Home!

Cafe Rio is our favorite. We lost a dear part of our life coming here to Idaho, let’s have a moment of silence as we grieve Chik-fil-A.

Okay, let’s gather ourselves together and move on with our lives. We can be more thankful than ever before for the awesomeness that is Cafe Rio. We are so grateful Coeur d’Alene has one. So grateful.

Allan was slightly embarrassed that I let Ember go in public after doing her own makeup. I wasn’t embarrassed. I was impressed with how well she’d done that day! Look at the specific colors on different parts of her eyelids! Girl’s got talent.

I told her she wore makeup than I do and she was amused. We took pictures to compare our eyes on the back of the camera.

Hours later, back at home, it was dinnertime. I was making one of the easiest (and not exactly healthiest) recipes on earth, Porcupines in a Skillet.

And as much as I adore my babyest boy I wasn’t loving cooking with him at my side or on my hip so I asked Allan to take him.

And while dinner simmered on the stove I hung out outside.

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