Some of My Favorite Walk Pictures

My favorites because they’re simple and sweet and calm and it’s just what we used to do every single night together.

Everett always waves hi to the horses ♥

Picking berries from the bushes. They play lots of fun games with their toys and those berries.

I will never tire of the beautiful sunsets.

Allan took the camera out of the stroller to capture me blowing bubbles. I suffer from anxiety. I don’t know why. I do everything I can think of to feel okay but I just feel sad, lonely, and stressed all the time.
I can’t do a lot of things that help ease my anxiety with a bunch of kids around me. One thing I can do is blow bubbles. It’s so relaxing. I’d suggest to any mother suffering from anxiety (it doesn’t help the depression as much as the anxiety) to blow bubbles. It’s a fun, easy way to control your breathing and it gives you something to do and feel and concentrate on so separate from every day life that it really helps you escape that depression/anxiety box. Sometimes I feel like my anxiety is a cage and the second the door swings shut my anxiety just grows and grows and won’t stop. I get anxiety about having anxiety and that’s the worst! Blowing bubbles. It sounds stupid but it literally changed my life.

I love these pictures of these two 🙂

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