In the House

One day out of desperation I used a bunch of furniture items to block off the hallway leading to a couple bedrooms, the laundry room, and a bathroom. I was sick to death of Everett getting in that section of the house because it had a million trillion things that could kill him or hurt him. Like, the toilet for one. He was OBSESSED with that stupid toilet and the kids always left the bathroom door open. And there are tons of legos back there in the kids’ bedrooms. Stuff like that.

Same day, different outfit. Everett goes through a LOT of clothes. The last few weeks his outfits have looked horrendous because I’m just out of clothes. I wash three outfits a day. I was feeding him his meals in just a diaper but then I have to give HIM multiple baths a day and washing clothes is easier! :/

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