Everett Gets a New High Chair!

Remember how I bought Everett’s high chair at Ikea a year ago?

I always liked it because it was really cute and went perfectly with our kitchen furniture.

But I really hated two things about that high chair. First it was really difficult to get that tray on and off. Really difficult.
Second, it was so hard to clean that high chair!! The wood finish was like a magnet to food. Or worse, it was like food was crazy glued on! Every single meal and snack I’d have to wipe down his chair and the food, any food, would just not come off. I hated it so much! It was so much work to clean it! And with Everett, I have to clean up a LOT and often! He’s my messiest child by a landslide!

But it was cute and I’d spent $50 (I think) on it so I felt trapped in using it.
Until one day after a particularly frustrating after-meal cleanup I realized, why am I wasting my time and energy, my valuable and limited time and energy, on cleaning this stupid chair?! There are cheap high chairs out there that are EASY to clean! I know because with all my other kids I had them! I had the cheesy, obnoxious looking, giant Wal-Mart high chairs! And you know what, they work so much better! They’re more comfortable for the toddler, they’re easy to clean, the trays are easy to put on and off. Why am I struggling with this?

I took myself down to Wal-Mart and bought this chair:

You can see his old high chair behind it, I purposefully took the picture to show the comparison. The old high chair might look better but good golly this new high chair is maybe my new most favorite possession. I mean that from the depths of my soul. Every meal I get Everett out of his new high chair and wipe the chair down with a freaking baby wipe or damp paper towel and everything comes off without a bit of elbow grease! It’s a miracle. It’s the best thing ever!!! I will never, ever, ever use another Ikea high chair again. I will forever use cheapy, cheesy, amazing, and adored Wal-Mart high chairs.

Guess what else. Guess what else!! The part he’s sitting in comes off and can be used as a booster high chair on a regular kitchen table chair. Yep. And then the base is another high chair without a tray. A high chair you can push up to the table like in a restaurant. Is this thing brilliant or what?!? Brilliant. Best thing ever.

Here are two more photos of Everett from that afternoon. I went outside to pick up toys and he was watching me from the sliding glass door.

And when I came inside three minutes later this is what I found:

One thought on “Everett Gets a New High Chair!

  • Oh my goodness! I am going to sell my Ikea highchair immediately! It is absolutely terrible to clean! Can you text me the type of highchair you got? I need this part of my life to be easier!!! hahaha

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