Everett Bites ANOTHER Hole in My Nipple!

I took this picture of my boobs to remember what date this happened. Allan happened to see a few pictures of my boobs on the back of the camera screen and looked at me like, “Woah! And Why?” lol! I explained that I will never ever remember to blog the whole boob thing if I didn’t take this. And I wouldn’t have! This happened on July 6th. Everett was being silly and purposefully bit me really hard. I couldn’t believe it. Did this kid just bite another freaking hole in my nipple? I went to my bathroom and examined my nipple and YES, a clear, tooth sized hole in my nipple!

I cried, not from pain, though it hurt like a mother, but from what this meant for me, and then I went to google. I did NOT want this to turn into mastitis again so I decided right then and there no matter how much pain I was in I was going to nurse Everett normally. I decided to go straight to what worked to heal my nipple last time, wash my nipple with mild soap after Everett nursed and then put breastmilk on it and let it air dry. I tried that for a couple days with no healing. I got really discouraged and decided to google nipple piercing healing in hopes that someone smarter than breastfeeders would give me advice on how to heal this STUPID HOLE!!

I read that sea salt soaks are good. I tried that. I don’t know if it helped. It didn’t get worse and my nipple hurt less.

Finally I googled and googled some more (this is over the course of a week) and heard that those silly gel breast pads I’ve seen a million times at the store ARE helpful. I couldn’t understand why they’d help. I didn’t need the cooling relief but figured I’d give it a go. Someone online had said the hole needs to be kept from drying so it could heal from the inside out. Okay, I’ve tried all other routes, I’ll try that one!

I bought the pads and cut them into fourths (because holy crap those pads are TEN dollars for two!) and covered just the hole in my nipple.
The next day when I changed the pad the hole seemed a little better! What? Really? Could this be the magical cure? Every time I nursed Everett I’d wash my boob, pat it dry, and then put a fourth of a gel pad on. And within two days the hole healed!! SOOOO I’m blogging this long drawn out post for a HUGE reason. If this happens again I’ll know what to do. It takes a long time, it’s scary, it’s SOOOO painful, but it can be healed. Washing with mild soap and patting dry and using those silly (not silly!) gel breast pads is the ticket for me!

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