Payson’s Birthday Presents! Thank You!

The day after we got home from our trip to Washington Payson got a chance to open up his presents from grandma and grandpa and Jeena and Eric. Jeena picked out this cool Spiderman toy for Payson and he LOVES this thing! The parts can be interchanged and he loves that. Ember and Everett liked it, too. Everett was very jealous. haha

My kids got balloons at Sonic and while we were eating it was so windy that each of their balloons flew away one by one. Two of them were blown so hard they came off their strings!! My kids were devastated and sobbed. The nice lady working at Sonic brough them new ones and we tied them on tighter. Did that matter? Not really. Payson lost his again within seconds! And, the worst thing ever happened. We’re all sitting there eating and Payson’s balloon gets swept away by the fierce wind. He jumps up to run after it. I start yelling to stop and stay here. He completely ignores me and is sprinting after his balloon. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, “PAYSON STOP!!!! PAYSON!!! PAYSOOON!” and without a split second of hesitation he continues running straight into the parking lot and on toward the freaking highway. Luckily the highway is pretty far and by then my hysterical yelling at him has caught his attention enough to look back at me. He’s standing in the grass on the other side of the parking lot and I’m shaking and furious and upset and panicked becuase he just sprinted through a parking lot toward a highway! He could have been killed!! There wasn’t even .001% of him that had listened to me. He only cared about his balloon. This is how kids die! Chasing balls into streets, frisbees, kites, WHATEVER! THIS IS HOW THEY DIE!! He is lucky that the car that was driving through the parking lot was going really slow. I can’t even imagine had the situation changed just the littlest bit. That car could’ve been closer to him, could’ve been going more than 5 miles per hour…

I told my kids that was the last time they were ever getting balloons outdoors. And I said a prayer in tears in the car (we immediately left as soon as he got back to our table) over how glad I was that nothing bad happened.

After that horrible experience we went to pick Brooklyn up from summer school.

This was her first day (I think) and while waiting to get her a bunch of middle schoolers (going into high school next year) were getting out of their summer school programs and I heard every single curse word under the sun said in the worst ways and about threw up. WHO are these kids?!?! WHAT the heck kind of parent raises a horrible human being like that?!?! They all had cell phones and were talking about just the worst stuff and it honestly made me sick to my stomach what my kids are surrounded by. I told Allan I couldn’t send Brooke back there. He convinced me to keep her in there and I think I did send her once or twice more but EACH time there were kids, different kids each time, swearing and talking about horrible stuff. No more summer school for Brooke! It’s not worth the five minutes of vulgarity to have her helped with math. It’s just not.

Back at home Payson was excited to open and play with grandma and papa Milo’s gift! LEGOS!

Everett of course had to be involved.

And Ember.

I helped him and we had fun together.

He plays with these a lot even still, Ember too. Legos are timeless, aren’t they? 🙂

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