Library and Bubbles!

Payson and Ember made friends with this little three year old and his 7 year old brother.

Everett was too pooped to party.

So I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about how I use the library with my kids. I let them pick out whatever books they want and they use their own library cards and take their books to the librarian themselves and check them out. Then I pick out books I’d like them to read (quality literature, haha) and check them out on my card. So Ember always picks out the most interesting books. Sometimes they have pictures but a lot of times they don’t. And she will look at each page and run her finger along the lines of text pretending to read. It’s just the cutest thing! So one day she had a stack of books, like usual. And I happened to turn to her and look at her stack of books for the first time that particular trip and noticed this one:

Me and the older girls laughed heartily over that. Ember asked, “What?!” And I told her it was a book teaching you all about periods. She knows about periods so she laughed along with us at the idea of reading about periods. I don’t know, it was funny.

Later that day we went for our usual walk and brought bubbles. Like always πŸ˜‰

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