Everett Easton Makes a Mess and We All Go Outside!

Messy eater.

After his bath I spiked his hair up. He looked pretty cute!

Later in the day, after lunch, and another outfit change because of his messy eating, we went outside for a walk/bike ride.

Sierra was having some troubles with her helmet. We ended up having her use her old Tinkerbell helmet again and it’s a much better fit.

After this we went inside for a few hours. I didn’t take any pictures so I’m sure we just did homeschool. Later in the evening we took another walk.

This time we went to the other side of our neighborhood.

The kids were having fun looking at the fountain when Sierra told us she saw a wasp. I spotted a hive and we quickly left that area! We haven’t walked by that fountain since!

Brooke and Sierra wanted a photoshoot.

Poor Everett was sick of being in the stroller at that point so I let him out and we brought out the bubbles.

As usual, Everett spilled the bubbles.

This is when I’d hurt my back so severely so I was pretty messed up. Allan was in Colorado and it was a really hard 8 days for me. I had a lot of depression and anxiety. Blowing bubbles outside actually saved my life. I really believe that. I’d feel the anxiety mounting all day and then I’d go outside and blow bubbles for thirty minutes or so and feel better.

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