A Trike for the Trike Lover

Everett needs a trike! We have a couple little big wheeler type ride on toys but when Everett scoots on them the back tires hit his ankles and he hates it. So I go in search of something that won’t hit his ankles. We spend a long time looking at trikes and ride on toys at Target. I finally settle on a red trike that can be pushed like a stroller. I go to Wal-Mart next to see if I can get it cheaper there.

Once home Everett can’t contain his excitement and has to be a part of the building the trike process. As soon as the trike has the least bit of a trike shape he sits on it and it’s very challenging building the rest of the trike with him freaking out when I take him off it.

Once built we go on our evening walk!

During this part of our walk we were surprised when we got hit by the sprinklers in the field next to us!

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