Having Fun on Twin Lakes

This trip was kinda funny. We wanted to take our kids to do something fun but I was convinced it’d be horrible with Everett. I knew Everett would like the water but I worried about how he’d react to having to wear a life jacket and being on the boat. I almost didn’t want to go!

Once we got there I quickly changed my mind. It was going so smoothly and everyone was having a blast. We found a kinda horrible spot to stop and swim (it was jagged rocky) but were having fun anyway.

But after about three minutes it went bad. Everett decided that the floaty toy was super fun but more fun would be diving into the water without it. He spent the rest of the time we were there trying to climb out. And he could climb out! I was surprised by how easy it was for him to get his feet up out of the water and start climbing out of that thing.

We decided to go somewhere else with more of a shore. I took a group picture first. Notice Everett trying to climb out of the floaty?

The problem with Twin Lakes is most of the good shore was privately owned. We found many lovely beaches that would’ve been perfect but, they were all owend. Darn.

When we were motoring slowly the kids asked if they could hang over the side of the boat. We let them and they hung from the boat for a long time! Lots of kicking and splashing and laughing.

Payson is our goofiest kid. He is constantly doing the craziest faces and cracking us all up.

And then Allan caught this guy!!

Which didn’t impress Everett.

But the rest of us were impressed and excited!

We were all cheering and excited and surprised. No one, even Allan, expected him to catch a big largemouth while fishing with a crowd of people surrounding him!

Everett still not impressed.

Everett mellowing out with some booby.

Another fish!

Part of Everett’s problem is he wanted to be up by Allan and messing with all the fishing stuff. That’s not a good place for a destructive, wild toddler. I did let him walk around up there for a while, he didn’t want me to hold his hand at first but realizing it was the only way I’d let him up there, he eventually let me.

After searching unsuccessfully for a good shore we finally decided to just swim off the side of the boat.

After swimming and getting the kids bundled in towels Allan fished a little bit more before we headed home.

On a Saturday

Everett won’t let me put him down for one second today.

Finally somewhat happy when eating lunch.

Allan takes Sierra and Ember fishing. It was supposed to be Ember’s turn (Allan took Payson the week before) but we knew Ember alone on the boat probably wasn’t the best idea. She likes the boat but we knew she’d get bored just fishing so he brought her BFF, Sierra!

I was really tired that day and Everett was super clingy. I didn’t take pictures or do anything special. I did snap one last picture that day of Everett’s dinner mess. Annie’s gluten-free macaroni cheese is not something Everett likes. Can’t blame him, it tastes like crap.

My Daughters

The kids needed a couple more t-shirts each. We hit up Wal-Mart and to my surprise the girls wanted matching shirts! I happily obliged. Then they wanted pictures in their matching shirts! What?? Is this my lucky day? Yep.

Oh my gosh they’re so pretty! I love having daughters! ♥
If I posted that publicly I’d have morons ask me, “But what about sons??” haha, um, DUH I love my sons. Geez. You know people can love something and profess love for it without then naming every other thing they love? haha

We were all outside having fun. Everett picked this dandelion and happily brought it to me! SO SWEET!!

My Mini Me

Ever since she was little Ember has wanted to do her makeup while I do mine. The sweetest thing is every time she does her makeup she says she wants to look like me. And when she thinks she’s done her makeup the best she’s ever done she will tell me, “Mom, did I do a great job? Now I look like you!!”
It’s the most flattering thing ever ♥
This day while I was doing my hair she asked me to do hers the same. I love this girl!