A Walk During the Day

 photo 245eresized_zpsvgznacpw.jpg photo 265eresized_zpsajqsqrrt.jpg photo 269eresized_zpsdiiiqwaw.jpg photo 279eresized_zpszu9tyovd.jpg photo 283eresized_zpsthr1eptt.jpg photo 287eresized_zpswuw7z5vs.jpg

The kids love this giant bush because it’s filled with hundreds of ladybugs.  photo 289eresized_zpsmprlc2or.jpg photo 293eresized_zpswapk8gya.jpg photo 293eresized_zpswapk8gya.jpg photo 323eresized_zpsdvuuxbfh.jpg photo 325eresized_zpsmtmwmoxo.jpg

We get home from our lovely walk and I look at the clock and am shocked to see that it’s 3:20! We usually leave at 3:05 to pick up Brooke from school! It was a super busy day and we had taken a long walk but I thought it was maybe 2 by then! Yikes! We hurried to her school (which is only 5 minutes away) and were there with time to spare, luckily 🙂  photo 331eresized_zpsxdrdarob.jpg photo 340eresized_zpscr7dsqso.jpg

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