Neighbor Bella Comes to Visit

Our neighbors have a dog. Her name is Bella. She comes over to our house and into our yard a lot. In fact, the first day we moved in she came over and ran into our house! It was an interesting way to meet our new neighbors. ha  photo 351eresized_zpsoigkgvzw.jpg photo 362eresized_zps87c6s5rj.jpg

Everett loves animals. He was super excited when she came running in the yard. And then she came close to him while he was sitting at his kid table playing with a car and he laughed and squealed and pointed and made his puppy sound. And then she came closer to smell him and when she was right up near him he freaked! He started crying in terror and wouldn’t let me put him down while she was in the yard!  photo 365eresized_zpslefpzwbw.jpg photo 385eresized_zpsqxmej3bk.jpg photo 386eresized_zpsrp91a1ur.jpg photo 390eresized_zps1wrbxgio.jpg photo 394eresized_zpsmuaeumw3.jpg

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