What Happened to Allan’s Car’s Window?!

We don’t know! photo 074eresized_zpsrm6yl9o4.jpg

Our best guess is that the construction workers building the house next door shot some pebbles into the window while they had a huge machine out there the night before. There were pebbles from that worksight on the ground by the car and one inside the window.  photo 074eresized_zpsrm6yl9o4.jpg photo 077eresized_zpsuihsblgk.jpg photo 080e2resized_zpsjm0hloi8.jpg photo 081eresized_zps3xlnnvdl.jpg

It was windy outside that day. The windiest day we’ve had in a long time.  photo 087eresized_zpsqwk4x6wu.jpg photo 094eresized_zpsqpr96anh.jpg photo 094eresized_zpsqpr96anh.jpg photo 135eresized_zpsvnpwgukd.jpg photo 147eresized_zpsjr08lpwz.jpg

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