Easily Occupying the Baby Doesn’t Mean He’ll Not Also Climb in Toilets

This cardboard tube has come in handy. I love it. I know that sounds weird coming from an adult woman but Everett has played with it so much, it’s invaluable! And it was free.
But here’s the thing, this is different than the cardboard tubes left from paper towel rolls. This cardboard tube was the middle of one of those dollar rolls of wrapping paper from Target and is really firm! You can’t easily bend it like you can with paper towel cardboard tubes!

So a cardboard tube and some popsicle sticks and you have a toy for free and more exciting (to my toddler at least) than anything store bought!

I propped the tube up in his bead toy after a while and he liked that, too!

And then later on while I did my makeup he hung out with Ember and the iPad on my bed. For two minutes anyway, then he cried.

And then when I went to switch the laundry loads (and shut the bathroom door behind me) Ember went pee. And she left the door open when she was done. And this is how I found Everett:

I only have a picture because my camera was on my bathroom counter where I’d left it after taking the picture of Ember and Everett on my bed. I think when Everett saw me taking a picture he thought I was okay with what he was doing because he promptly turned and did this:

And so I scooped him up and plopped him in a bath. Geez.

Facts about the toilet incident:
-He’d put the entire roll’s worth of toilet paper in the toilet.
-He’d dunked his binky in there and that had to go in the wash.
-He realized the toilet was his new favorite play place and tried to get in there for the next few weeks.