Allan, Everett, and the Beloved Sheep

There’s a field across the street from our house. In the field live lots of prairie dogs. But more importantly, sheep. And these sheep are let out to graze at certain parts of the day. One of those times is in the evenings. Just around the time Allan gets home from work. So we go outside to see Allan and we also get to see the sheep. Everett is the one who is most excited about this, though the other kids like seeing them too, he freaks out and smiles and points and giggles each time. He also says hi and waves. It’s pretty darn cute!  photo 009eresized_zps72egzcok.jpg photo 012eresized_zpsduhk9ghl.jpg photo 017eresized_zpsa49gacmn.jpg photo 029eresized_zps3lapnot0.jpg

The sky was really cool that night!  photo 041eresized_zpsg7d3iqg1.jpg


Everett loves the bath more than all of my other kids and that’s saying a lot because all five of my kids have loved the bath!!
He splashes like a mad man the entire time he’s in the tub. He loves turning the faucet on. He loves splashing. Did I mention splashing?  photo 170eresized_zpsuc9k9xqg.jpg photo 186eresized_zpsyprufiv1.jpg photo 188eresized_zps9terfjko.jpg

He uses both arms and beats the water as hard as he can, drenching himself and whoever else is in the room, along with the walls and floor of course!  photo 195eresized_zpsd7brqlqn.jpg

Giggling like crazy the whole time!  photo 196eresized_zpsobexo5xo.jpg

We Went Hiking at Mineral Ridge!

 photo 350eresized_zpscbgsdwfa.jpg photo 352eresized_zpsslewwarp.jpg photo 360eresized_zpszyl4yzdz.jpg photo 363eresized_zps3vq94f6h.jpg photo 365eresized_zpsofp8tlbm.jpg

How does Allan do this?!  photo 372eresized_zps8qqydx43.jpg photo 377eresized_zpsahsboqsa.jpg photo 381eresized_zpsc0ju9ayg.jpg photo 383eresized_zpsrpivjyhu.jpg photo 385eresized_zpsfc98taim.jpg photo 386eresized_zpsmug9huc8.jpg photo 392eresized_zpscnzrz4zu.jpg photo 393eresized_zpsm5bgzpkn.jpg

Excuse the fifty picture post! It was just so pretty!  photo 396eresized_zpsa0y1tkbf.jpg photo 397eresized_zpsnfkssjel.jpg photo 400eresized_zpso27gmkeu.jpg photo 403e2resized_zpsopiklqgy.jpg photo 406eresized_zpsab2ow1qj.jpg photo 408eresized_zpstryonkvv.jpg photo 429eresized_zpsxh68lhif.jpg photo 432eresized_zpselngwoaf.jpg photo 434eresized_zpsgwd6d2lv.jpg photo 436eresized_zpsqfcwauxb.jpg photo 448eresized_zpsoxkluuig.jpg

There’s a nice view of Lake Coeur d’Alene from up there.  photo 454eresized_zpswpqcezdb.jpg photo 463eresized_zpsoyckuqyn.jpg photo 791eresized_zpsnuwf7gnk.jpg photo 793eresized_zps8nic0ia0.jpg photo 808eresized_zpshug4sj3u.jpg photo 809eresized_zpsfxthtlcx.jpg

Seriously, how does he do it?!  photo 812eresized_zpsymd8tfkr.jpg photo 815eresized_zpsovcw5d1x.jpg photo 821eresized_zpsjsda42be.jpg photo 822eresized_zps9mdobxj0.jpg photo 825eresized_zpsa8j77bc5.jpg photo 836eresized_zpss5uagd3g.jpg

We tell our little kids lots of times not to run down the path during hikes. But they do anyway and sometimes they go flying. Ember did such a huge fall that her shoes came off!  photo 839eresized_zpsoj6qb0ky.jpg photo 853eresized_zpskzu8avin.jpg

The sun started to set and was so beautiful!  photo 471eresized_zpsm9u8ynqk.jpg photo 486eresized_zpsylyoltrg.jpg photo 491eresized_zps5kfynrla.jpg photo 494eresized_zpswbwaiqyr.jpg photo 496eresized_zpsxna5kiii.jpg photo 500eresized_zpsedvm7gpy.jpg

Brooke took this of me and Allan 🙂  photo 504eresized_zpsipdkzazd.jpg photo 507eresized_zpsuzsg6o98.jpg photo 509eresized_zpsqit3oj5q.jpg photo 512eresized_zpslrdjt5gf.jpg photo 857eresized_zpsd6vsl0iw.jpg photo 862eresized_zpswlno1jyk.jpg photo 866eresized_zpsvxddqnct.jpg photo 875eresized_zpsfj8mpcrn.jpg

One of Those Days Where I Tried to Blog

Got the kids set up with a nice lunch.
 photo 071eresized_zps5qhcjfht.jpg photo 075eresized_zpsian8ozey.jpg

So I could try to blog.
 photo 064eresized_zpshzgzft9h.jpg

But two minutes later blogging was abandoned for spending the rest of the day outside.  photo 078eresized_zpshdydza8i.jpg photo 084eresized_zpshd6quxn1.jpg photo 088eresized_zpsioyevlne.jpg photo 109eresized_zpstpayhty7.jpg photo 136eresized_zpsgp6tlzsk.jpg photo 143e2resized_zpsncrhul8x.jpg photo 152eresized_zpshzpy4wt6.jpg

We take walks around our neighborhood every single evening. Allan usually gets home while we’re out walking and walks home with us. The kids love it when he meets us on our walks 🙂  photo 158eresized_zps6aufn67f.jpg photo 162eresized_zps6tl28haw.jpg photo 164eresized_zpsgyfuzmxi.jpg photo 193eresized_zpstz9licah.jpg photo 208eresized_zpsrj1xqt1v.jpg photo 218eresized_zpsgsc4skq1.jpg photo 225eresized_zps9k9oylep.jpg photo 233eresized_zpsqu2a7lft.jpg photo 241eresized_zpswagkhfeb.jpg

The sprinklers were on when we walked home so we stopped and ran through them a dozen times. I ran through with Everett and he loved it.  photo 254eresized_zpsj9nyie6r.jpg photo 257eresized_zpsxfu0cm7t.jpg photo 258eresized_zpslddkpepo.jpg photo 264eresized_zpsng4lt1fb.jpg