From the Mini Photoshoot

I’ve been wanting to print a big canvas for our living room for years and never have. I didn’t want to spend $200 on a canvas so I never have, and I’m never on the ball enough to get the canvas sales when they happen.

One day I noticed photobucket had canvases for 75% off. I told Allan about it and we decided right then and there to go take a family picture and have it printed! We wanted a new family picture in Idaho anyway, it felt silly to us to put our family picture from Colorado above our fireplace mantel. So I rummaged through the kids’ clothes trying to find things that went together. It was rough! We finally settled on the outfits we are wearing and ran out to literally catch the last ten minutes of light of the day. It was crazy and there was a moment when we first arrived to this area by the lake where I thought for sure it would be impossible to catch the light and we’d have to try again some other time. But we got this one shot that we liked a lot so all worked out!  photo 388e2sharpresized_zpsnggozajp.jpg

I took these of the kids after but guess what I forgot to do! Take one of Everett!! So when I went to print pictures for the wall I had these beautiful pictures of the four oldest and none of Everett. I took him out in the field across from our house one evening and quickly snapped a few and used one of those. That’s why his picture on the wall is slightly different than the others’.  photo 395eresized_zpsohyiqptj.jpg photo 427e2resized_zpsuytbphk1.jpg photo 393eresized_zpstlgdrglp.jpg photo 491eresized_zpskk78err1.jpg photo 461eresized_zpso7viz6ch.jpg

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