In the Field

There’s a field across the street from our house. It has some trees but mostly grass. We go there sometimes and hang out. Everett doesn’t like the field because he thinks grass is yucky. He refuses to leave my arms but he still whines while I hold him.
 photo 018eresized_zpsz1ontl5l.jpg photo 022eresized_zpsjqkec4ap.jpg

Payson takes some pictures. This is his selfie.  photo 032eresized_zpshazufeb8.jpg

And then I take some more of him doing silly faces.
 photo 041eresized_zpswbopgrg7.jpg photo 043eresized_zpsik7wlkju.jpg

Pretending to be a zombie.
 photo 057eresized_zps5siclmew.jpg photo 063eresized_zpsjccpgmhc.jpg

Everett didn’t stand on his own back then yet and I found that putting him on the grass helped. He stood for almost a full minute for the first time in his life because he didn’t want to fall down and touch the grass more than he had to! It was the only time he’d stand on his own, in the grass! haha
 photo 070eresized_zps2jjhghc7.jpg

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