Everett loves the bath more than all of my other kids and that’s saying a lot because all five of my kids have loved the bath!!
He splashes like a mad man the entire time he’s in the tub. He loves turning the faucet on. He loves splashing. Did I mention splashing?  photo 170eresized_zpsuc9k9xqg.jpg photo 186eresized_zpsyprufiv1.jpg photo 188eresized_zps9terfjko.jpg

He uses both arms and beats the water as hard as he can, drenching himself and whoever else is in the room, along with the walls and floor of course!  photo 195eresized_zpsd7brqlqn.jpg

Giggling like crazy the whole time!  photo 196eresized_zpsobexo5xo.jpg

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