Going on a Walk

We went on a walk and we found puddles and ladybugs. photo 003eresized_zpsvjlimdmn.jpg photo 005eresized_zpscsybasi9.jpg photo 050eresized_zpsjrngl7fo.jpg photo 055ceresized_zpsrh3uj7hd.jpg photo 072eresized_zpsbclbio2k.jpg photo 108eresized_zps1g7n9ijo.jpg photo 123eresized_zpseulcslcc.jpg photo 126eresized_zpsuym9qvgb.jpg photo 128eresized_zpsbgn0lfdy.jpg photo 130eresized_zpsp8e4it36.jpg photo 132eresized_zpsye6g6qbi.jpg

Payson decided to bring a ladybug back home with us.
 photo 134eresized_zpsrxj6r5ga.jpg

Problem was the ladybug kept flying away. It landed on me at one point.  photo 139eresized_zpsx9nclnbl.jpg photo 143eresized_zpsm6vsu1t5.jpg photo 144eresized_zpspatufzkh.jpg photo 147eresized_zpsgnc0ovhx.jpg

The only place it didn’t fly away from was the stroller handle. I ended up having a buddy on the walk home. She got a nice home in our garden out front when we got to the house.
 photo 150eresized_zpsgljmhaci.jpg

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