On The Daily

Everett is often on my lap during school time.   photo 545eresized_zpst6xpz6qm.jpg photo 551eresized_zpsrhd4bib5.jpg photo 559eresized_zpsonrg3rck.jpg

Ember’s hair is getting really long.
 photo 579eresized_zpstldjk8am.jpg photo 589eresized_zpsrxscg07x.jpg photo 591eresized_zpsj9vt7laq.jpg photo 593eresized_zpsiillg22o.jpg

Lunchtime!  photo 596eresized_zps92nwtsm5.jpg

We got some gluten-free sweet potato crackers from Costco that Payson was in love with for a while.  photo 601eresized_zpslqrc3iel.jpg

Everett’s first lunch. He generally would eat that and then either seconds or something else.  photo 602eresized_zpsq4whyin3.jpg photo 605eresized_zpsnn97aqgw.jpg photo 613eresized_zpsx7knz22w.jpg

Ember was pretending her cheese was a beard. photo 624eresized_zpsd7alyrfe.jpg photo 626eresized_zpsio7azc1r.jpg photo 630eresized_zpskdyltsw1.jpg

Sierra asked if insects sneeze so we spent all of lunch learning interesting facts about bugs!  photo 636eresized_zpsaf9rzfqz.jpg photo 638eresized_zpsr5skqlif.jpg

 photo 641eresized_zpssz8lc4ps.jpg

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