Let’s Go Look At Some Furniture!

First we’ll get dressed and even do our hair!  photo 1113eresized_zpsiurce23b.jpg

Because so much of our furniture was ruined in the move we went to see if we could find anything affordable at local furniture stores. (Non exciting result: no)  photo 1123eresized_zpsaul1eulr.jpg

What happens when you tell your kids over and over and over and OVER not to climb on the furniture. They still climb on the furniture.  photo 1134eresized_zpso1v0tgje.jpg photo 1136eresized_zpsemqwe0sc.jpg

No luck at the first place, trying out a second.  photo 1139eresized_zps3ld8av1e.jpg photo 1142eresized_zpspp59tgbd.jpg

The kids were laughing over the sign outside one of the furniture stores.  photo 1148eresized_zpstrvlygpg.jpg photo 1150eresized_zpsssfcnkl4.jpg

Home again, home again.
 photo 1157eresized_zpsmneve9k6.jpg

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