Ember has Shopkins

We joined the Shopkins craze. For the road trip I bought a giant pack of them and divided them out between the kids. It was a surprise (they’ve been wanting Shopkins for forever) and they were pretty tickled about finding them in their road trip bags. They’ve been played with a whoooooole lot ever since.  photo 561eresized_zpsjh9s2y01.jpg photo 573eresized_zpswczgwteu.jpg photo 576eresized_zpsf2kjbpf2.jpg

Everett was snacking on gluten free Puffs. He went through a short phase where he really liked those and would sit happily for five minutes or so eating them.  photo 580eresized_zpsxjyq5v6f.jpg

This was also when if I’d ask him what he had he’d hold it up and show me excitedly. I loved that phase!  photo 588eresized_zpstmj34h6p.jpg

And we also got TV set up and I had spent as much time as I could unpacking boxes and trying to clean up the disaster that was our house!  photo 614eresized_zpsqaudjc96.jpg photo 622eresized_zpsygpvgkb8.jpg

I got the kids little pull shut purses from Natural Grocers and Ember carried hers around filled with Shopkins. So cute. photo 636eresized_zpszeoy56me.jpg photo 653eresized_zpsieeyvnmk.jpg photo 672eresized_zpscivolouz.jpg photo 675eresized_zpssv5mkz2q.jpg

PS: playing with Shopkins is exhausting!

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