Ember and Her Costco Dress

Ember loves dressing up. A lot.
Dresses, skirt, flowy, flowery clothes, makeup, hair accessories, and anything bright and fun. That’s what Ember loves.
 photo 387eresized_zpsadupivgk.jpg photo 427eresized_zpsganz65ui.jpg photo 428eresized_zpsemqhm8x6.jpg photo 429eresized_zpsple07qcp.jpg photo 432eresized_zpshjkvgze5.jpg photo 452eresized_zpspxevjv43.jpg

What Everett doesn’t love is mom putting him down for any reason for any length of time.  photo 458eresized_zps7kndis5f.jpg

What I love is those very rare, very short times when Everett naps.  photo 479eresized_zpse28bjiyi.jpg photo 485eresized_zpsr4m0jtoe.jpg

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