You Put a Bow in Ember’s Hair and She Gets Pretty Happy!

And guess what! Our PODS arrived!!  photo 236eresized_zpsdy3yhelz.jpg photo 246eresized_zpso40hhwrw.jpg photo 249eresized_zpsyrljckuu.jpg

Backwards pants.  photo 264eresized_zps6eoa3bnd.jpg photo 267eresized_zpsb0zfgmtp.jpg photo 272eresized_zpsztiakoee.jpg photo 283eresized_zpsalwvbxoo.jpg

Everything was ruined in some way big or small. I mean it, practically everything! (These are two of the more mild things!)  photo 303eresized_zpsq8gmhron.jpg photo 348eresized_zpsjdokjtdw.jpg

Even both our brand new washer and dryer got dented. We hope it doesn’t affect their working and Allan hooks them up.  photo 333eresized_zpsilqsbu9z.jpg

We go to Costco to stock up on food and cleaning supplies.  photo 310eresized_zpsrapxyedd.jpg photo 315eresized_zpsaweq4iwy.jpg photo 320eresized_zpsotyv7q3x.jpg

Everett is REALLY cranky in Costco.  photo 330eresized_zpshsgczhhk.jpg

Once home from Costco we get our kitchen table set up. photo 345eresized_zps1lk7pb3n.jpg photo 358eresized_zpsoi3gicee.jpg photo 369eresized_zpsxlphpv3h.jpg

And we sit down at our table and eat our first real meal together as a family in Idaho! It was salmon and rice and salad!  photo 381eresized_zpsni0zebxz.jpg

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