Who Needs A Table?

Our stuff hasn’t arrive. We eat on the floor.  photo 027eresized_zpsphfgt7ap.jpg

Sierra cries because her banana is mushy. I tell her, just get another one Sierra. And she does. And then all is fine in the world again.  photo 032eresized_zpsxed8lbk9.jpg

Payson is talking to Brooke and Brooke is rude to Payson. I tell her, just be nice to your brother, Brooke. It’s easy. And she hugs him and I take a picture and without a story you’d think they were sweet siblings who loved each other.  photo 036eresized_zpsmtwyltjt.jpg

We’ve had sickness after sickness since moving to Idaho. All our family is happy for us finally being in a place we’d wanted to be and calls and asks us, “How happy are you?!?!” And we say things like, “Oh SO. We love it here!”
But really we are trying not to die and caring whether we are in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, or Idaho doesn’t make it into our brains.  photo 042eresized_zpsemo4sr0p.jpg photo 049eresized_zpsonaakq2c.jpg photo 054eresized_zpsqpx1e7fu.jpg photo 057eresized_zpsm3zkrkv8.jpg photo 061eresized_zpsyvajekrf.jpg photo 068eresized_zpsckovzeko.jpg

Hey, I know. Let’s go get a coke from Sonic! We need to get out of the house even if only for twenty minutes.  photo 080eresized_zps4xemqcop.jpg

We don’t have many dishes, and no cups, so we use Sonic cups filled with water. Everett wants those Sonic cups filled with water. Everett wants those Sonic cups to be empty and the water to be on the floor so he can splash in puddles!  photo 090eresizesd_zpsb3n2buel.jpg photo 095eresized_zpsxmbiyfit.jpg

And those baby food pouches he’d happily eaten for a week when we moved? Those don’t work anymore :/  photo 102eresized_zpsmanvrtg0.jpg

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