As If We Weren’t Sick Enough

Sierra starts throwing up one night. And it’s bad. BAD. The worst ever bad baddest horrible horriblest. There are absolutely no words I can say to accurately describe how bad it is. The worst mess I’ve ever cleaned up by about a million times. Worst. Ever. WORST. GUYS, I really, really, really, really, REALLY mean it. You can’t imagine. You really can’t imagine.

And poor Sierra. Poor, poor Sierra. She is very, very sick. And it’s just about the worst week of my entire life and her entire life.
And these pictures are from the next day. Because I certainly couldn’t have cared less about taking pictures the day it all happened!  photo 105eresized_zpslhrhzunz.jpg photo 106eresized_zpsbrgix7fw.jpg photo 108eresized_zpsg1uxgvbi.jpg

How sad would it be to be so sick with practically no belongings? No TV, no iPad, no bed! Ugh, it was the worst. photo 109eresized_zpsscmrfgcb.jpg

I checked on her a lot. Brought her water. Felt bad for her. Here’s what I came downstairs to. At least the kids were pretty good that day.  photo 115eresized_zpshmpyy6cu.jpg photo 111eresized_zps1h44nfgb.jpg

And here was what my bedroom looked like that week.  photo 117eresized_zpsepewkmhm.jpg

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