Allan Takes Us To See Crescent Mine!

We’ve lived in Idaho for about two weeks (or three?) and Allan takes us up to his work, a 45 minute drive, to see the building he works in and then to go up to a lake in the mountain there. Elsie Lake? Echo Lake? One of those names.  photo 083eresized_zpsviuklnv5.jpg photo 108eresized_zpsh4o8gpnc.jpg My kids don’t get lunchables practically ever so when they do they are pretty happy about it!  photo 120eresized_zps4e3poscy.jpg photo 121eresized_zpswyfc4pai.jpg

And even more rare is Allan to have a lunchable or Capri Sun! I got him a lunchable and he was not opposed šŸ˜‰  photo 123eresized_zpszlyfn2mq.jpg photo 157e2resized_zpsxpjjjev2.jpg

After eating we went on a walk.  photo 172eresized_zpsxeulycyc.jpg photo 195e2resized_zpswlxbrxs9.jpg photo 216eresized_zpsjofqtsjr.jpg photo 221eresized_zpsvxpvqczf.jpg photo 260eresized_zpsuhzgucp3.jpg photo 266eresized_zpsx35ul2kh.jpg photo 276eresized_zpsjgbjhkoe.jpg

Payson begs me constantly if he can push Everett in the stroller. Problem is Payson is not gentle. Payson wants to brother his brother with energy. Remember Everett’s broken leg? Yeah, Payson might be sweet but gentle. No.
So I finally let him with strict instructions to be careful. Is he? Sorta. With reminding every ten or twenty seconds.  photo 289eresized_zpshi4byupk.jpg photo 297eresized_zpshozkgxcq.jpg

Allan has Ember on his shoulders. Ember farts on Allan.  photo 317eresized_zpsak5k6pzj.jpg photo 321eresized_zpsyvng81n0.jpg

And then dandelions steal the rest of our time.  photo 338eresized_zpsanigfn2c.jpg photo 361eresized_zpsatfrbwnq.jpg photo 363eresized_zpszjotnnzn.jpg photo 386eresized_zpsa0uwg5xe.jpg photo 388eresized_zpsdte9gwb9.jpg photo 420eresized_zpswzmyr6nv.jpg photo 434eresized_zpswrunspqx.jpg photo 449eresized_zpsxnshit57.jpg

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