Closing on our New House!

Today is the day that we close on our new house! I didn’t take a single picture! That’s a shame, too, because there was a play room in the office just for kids who come with their parents to close on houses and the whole thing was a smooth, fun process because of that.
The play room was connected to the room we were in with a giant open door so it was basically like the kids were in the same room with us without being in the same room as us. I mention this because I was constantly glancing over at my kids to see how they were doing. And near the end of signing this huge pile of papers I noticed Everett had moved to the corner of the play room and pulled a toy in front of himself. I knew instantly he was hiding to poop. lol
A couple minutes later he crawled over to me and started crying. His typical I-need-a-new-diaper behavior and if that wasn’t proof enough, the smell was. haha
We still had a few papers to sign and then all the people involved were talking with us about stuff. The entire last 5-10 minutes was fairly torture to me having to stay but needing to go change Everett. And mostly, worrying about them all smelling his poop! Geez.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, when I’m finally headed to the bathroom in the building walking past a bunch of offices I’m thinking about how there’s probably no changing table in the bathroom, how am I going to change this kid? I wanted to change him in the car instead but thought I needed to hurry back to Allan because I think there was still some stuff to talk about. This is almost a month ago now, so forgive my bad memory!

So in the bathroom there is definitely no changing table but Everett’s new stroller reclines so I think, I’ll just recline it all the way and change him on that! And that’s what I do. And have I mentioned before how Everett is my worst during diaper changes? Always has been. He SCREAMS at the top of his lungs in his high pitched baby girl scream and never lets up. All while using both hands to grab at his butt or weiner AND while writhing and kicking and twisting.
It’s torture.

I get him changed as fast as I can, with his piercing screams echoing loudly off the bathroom walls and get his pants back on.
With him still screaming I put buckle him back into the stroller. With him still screaming, I wash my hands and then I finally just take him back out of the stroller into my arms so he stops screaming! His face is full of tears as I leave the bathroom and have to walk down the hall past at least four people’s desks and they all look at me as I walk past and the last guy in the row says something meant to be funny about my screaming baby. I don’t remember what he said and I laughed but inside I felt terrible. I hate having the baby (toddler, really!) who everyone can hear a mile away. At least they knew I was changing him and he wasn’t throwing a tantrum over something else. I don’t know, it was so awkward. And then I couldn’t find Allan anywhere and finally went outside and he was already in the car.

Then he says we’re going to the driver’s license place and should try to get our license. I’m excited about that because that’s a huge thing to check off the to do list but I also panic because I didn’t do my makeup today and even worse I’m wearing yesterday’s mostly-rubbed-off makeup! I look like a mess and that will be my license photo?! Ugh.

Also we have to take a test. So we get the books we need and we study for less than an hour and then we take the test and we both pass easy peasy. haha

Oh but the worst part is while filling out the paperwork and before the test, the lady suddenly says, “Okay, now let’s get your picture.”
I wasn’t prepared for it to happen so I turn quickly to the camera and she just takes it! I was standing there dazed and thinking, oh my gosh that had to have been the ugliest picture of me ever taken. And it practically is 🙁
I hate it so much I may have cried. haha (a tear or two, not like wailing sobs, ha)
And I’m NOOOOOT showing it to any of you, so don’t ask. I’ll just deeply cringe any time I have to use my license for the next 8 years :/

 photo 651eresized_zpstmvhlph1.jpg

Being silly during the long wait at the DMV.  photo 677eresized_zps9quarqeo.jpg photo 680eresized_zpsq0003p3v.jpg

After the licenses we hurried over to Brooke’s school. We were about 15 minutes late picking her up! The DMV took so much longer than we imagined it would!
From her school we went straight to our new house!! We brought in all the stuff from our cars and just hung out there. The kids were running around the place like lunatics. In this particular picture Ember was batting at a fly and Everett was copying her.  photo 682eresized_zpsv0bqmqes.jpg photo 685eresized_zpsdcvmwfkg.jpg photo 689eresized_zpskvmze9rm.jpg photo 692eresized_zpswakmbyjg.jpg photo 693eresized_zpsaf97w6hb.jpg photo 695eresized_zpspw0suzcp.jpg photo 697eresized_zpsuyqcnsmf.jpg photo 702eresized_zpswiry84t9.jpg

And for the sake of the scrapbook we took these:  photo 707eresized_zpsx2uqcsze.jpg photo 709eresized_zpsmm2s0pg9.jpg photo 712eresized_zpsuzte33sw.jpg

Next we hit up Wal-Mart and Costco for some much needed groceries.  photo 718eresized_zps8mxdjal5.jpg photo 719eresized_zpsslcy5ny7.jpg photo 721eresized_zpsml9k0ug6.jpg photo 722eresized_zpsqguw9abc.jpg photo 724eresized_zpsb13s0wzj.jpg photo 732eresized_zpsocjzaqch.jpg photo 736eresized_zps0ilamnfl.jpg

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