Loading the PODS!

Today the movers came and loaded up our PODS! I chose to stay out of the house for that whole process because wrangling four children who would be very interested in what was going on, and want to be underfoot, sounded like the least enjoyable thing I could do.

Allan kept Payson home to help out the movers. Payson was thrilled with this and very… what’s the word… proud? of himself. He felt really responsible and mature and was helping out the whole time the guys worked. I drove by a couple times (to bring Allan things from the store) and whenever he’d see me watching him he’d stand tall with his head held high. It was just the cutest thing in the whole world. I don’t want to ever forget how adorable he was, and willingly helpful, today!

I took Brooke to school and then took Sierra, Ember, and Everett with me to Wal-Mart to get one more roll of packing tape to seal up a few last boxes and also two padlocks for our PODS. On the drive home I realized I should’ve bought drinks for the movers and got cash back for tips. I hoped Allan already had cash since we’d talked about tipping them beforehand but it turns out he didn’t. So when I stopped by the house with McDonald’s breakfast for him and Payson (bought that on the drive home from Wal-Mart) he had me go back to the store to get drinks and cash. I went to King Sooper’s this time since it’s closer to our house.

After that I took the kids to Barnes and Noble to hang out for an hour or two while the movers finished up. We bought a couple things for the road trip: a couple books, a monopoly game, and a couple magnetic travel games.

We stopped at Sonic for lunch.

I got home and the landlord was at the house picking up the keys and garage door openers and checking out the cleaning job that was done and if there was damage to the house. She was really happy with how the house looked which made me and Allan happy!

We hung around taking care of a couple things at the house before going to pick up Brooke from school in the afternoon. Allan needed to hang some curtains back up that we’d taken down when we first moved in (they were butt ugly red and yellow curtains! blah) so since the kids were going nuts in the now empty house (they thought it was the coolest thing ever!) I took all the kids but Brooke to the mall. Brooke wanted to stay home and have alone time with Allan and talk to him while he hung up the curtains. Oh and he also reattached a giant wooden shelf to the wall in the laundry room. I have no idea why the landlord likes that thing up, it 100% made it impossible to get to the washer and dryer without having to bend at a really odd angle!

So at the mall we were going to play at the play area but turns out Ember was the only one short enough. It was filled with itty bitty kids and a sign, giant sign, was posted that children above a certain height can’t play. Darn! We went over to a fountain and threw about a dollar’s worth of coins, one by one, into the water instead. Then we went up to the food area to get a fruit smoothie. Except then I asked Payson if he got lunch today and he said no. So I got him Chik-fil-A. And Sierra and Ember were hungry by then (6pm) so I got them some, too.

Brooke and Allan ate leftover pizza. Allan’s also eating a chicken pot pie right now.

Since, once again, the kids were running around like mad in the empty house and we were worried about them making a huge mess somewhere (Payson peed on the floor twice today! Weird) we headed out to Bass Pro Shops to get Allan a shirt and basically just walk around and relax. The nearest Bass Pro Shops to our house in Idaho is clear over by Seattle so a 5 hour drive! We won’t go there more than once a year I bet.

So we got home from Bass Pro Shops and the whole family played My Little Pony Monopoly. Allan was Fluttershy. haha. It was fun!! Brooke hated the game because she wanted to win and she wanted this one property in particular that Payson bought at the beginning of the game and she was furious when he wouldn’t sell it to her. To be fair, he only had two properties so he was attached to them!

After the game I put Everett to bed and Allan gave Ember a chocolate zucchini muffin (from Costco) and then took her with him to go fill the car with gas. They just got back a minute ago and she was asleep so he’s going to put her straight in bed. And I have to organize our belongings that are left and load up the sequoia because 6am tomorrow we’re driving away!

 photo 035eresized_zpsfyh4je3m.jpg photo 037eresized_zpsfu1yzvnx.jpg

At King Sooper’s the girls said goodbye to the horse there. They’ve always called it Riley and say it’s a girl. Ember and Sierra hugged it but Ember went further and kissed her a few times as well.  photo 061eresized_zpsv9w1oq8l.jpg

When we brought Allan and Payson breakfast Payson ran up to the car to see us. He was feeling so grown up and proud. We all complimented him and gushed about how great of a mover he was and he was tickled.  photo 072eresized_zps4g7zpmgg.jpg

At Barnes and Noble.  photo 078eresized_zpsrx96las3.jpg photo 083eresized_zpszw5h0jpd.jpg photo 088eresized_zps8dejcvcb.jpg

At the mall.  photo 100eresized_zpsts16hjyt.jpg photo 104eresized_zpsrr2uqdff.jpg

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  • I thought about commenting on each post separately, but since I'm typing on my phone that would be too much work! 😉 So I'll just comment on this post. Do you remember when we were both packing and moving at the same time? I think you were moving from Texas to Arizona at that time, right? And we were moving into this house. And I HATED/LOATHED/DREADED packing so much that I vowed I'd never leave this house….even after death. I said I'd be buried in the walls because after all that work I was never ever leaving under any circumstances. Haha I still mean it!!! Just reading about your packing and moving experience has brought ALL of those suppressed memories flooding back….packing up the piddly stuff that you'd rather just throw away; trying to leave out stuff you're still going to need; keeping kids from undoing every single thing you've just done!!! Ugh. You. Are. My. Hero. I know you hate/LOATHE/dread packing too, but you've DONE it. And that makes you my hero. I would lie down in the middle of my living room floor and bawl like a baby until a) someone came and did all the packing and cleaning for me or b) someone hauled me away in a strait jacket for a year-lomg vacation to the loony bin. Moving is the worst!!!
    But also the best 😉 Getting to start over fresh and from scratch! I do envy you that. And in such a gorgeous new home in a gorgeous state….and so close to your family <3 I am so excited for you. Can not wait to see pictures once you get there and hear all about Idaho. It's definitely on my short list of Places I'd Actually Move To.
    Good luck!!!!

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