Well, I Did It!

Everything is packed. I can’t believe it. This was so hard. I feel like crying in exhaustion and relief. I really hope and pray we never move again. I can’t even imagine doing this ever again.

The only time Everett slept today:  photo 006eresized_zpsietonnqr.jpg

Everett loved Cafe Rio! (We went there with Allan after Allan got home from Idaho this evening!)
He liked the beef and beans and rice and LOOOOOVED horchata!! I’ve never seen him that excited about any food or drink before. He kept loudly squealing, “NANA!” and pointing to the horchata cup. (Nana is what he named breastfeeding and has started to call food and drink this week! It’s SO cute!)
I gave him water once when he asked for the horchata and he immediately pointed to the other cup he knew was horchata and squealed, “NANA! NANA! NANA!”
 photo 017eresized_zpsxxw90ocn.jpg

It is really, really good to have Allan home. It is not okay when he’s gone. Everything falls apart and I feel so lonely.  photo 019eresized_zpszfsozcc9.jpg

One thought on “Well, I Did It!

  • What a relief to be done. How cute that Everett is calling food and drink NaNa. 🙂 how hats is basically rice milk with cinnamon, isn't it? Maybe he would drink that from a soppy cup!

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