I’m choosing to not blog about my feelings right now because moving doesn’t bring about good feelings 😉

I have hundreds of pictures I never blogged and I probably will blog them once we’re moved into our new house in Idaho but for now, here are the pictures I took in the last 24 hours:

I got a new eyeshadow by ELF for 2 or 3 dollars. I love that ELF products are so cheap! It’s a gel shadow that goes on smooth and is my favorite color for my eyes these days. It’s just a simple shimmery brown color. I used to be all about the silvers, blues, grays and blacks for my eyes but now I’m all about the browns.  photo 021eresized_zpssrjqdeeo.jpg

I sat down with Allan two weeks ago and planned out a detailed menu for this whole month. My big goal was to not eat fast food, and to still eat healthy, during this moving process even through these last few days with our dishes packed.
Guess how that’s going! If you guessed I’ve spent a hundred dollars on fast food this week you’re right!  photo 003eresized_zpsa2eucpn2.jpg

I bought some disposable bibs at Wal-Mart when I randomly spotted them while walking through the baby section on my way to buy a bunch of baby food pouches. I don’t use bibs with Everett (just wash him down in the sink or bath) but for a road trip I thought those sounded brilliant. Problem is Everett thought of the bib, especially a paper-ish disposable one, as a vicious move of torture by his mother and screamed at the top of his lungs while pulling the thing as hard as he could to try to get it off.
He wouldn’t stop crying until I took it off.
 photo 006eresized_zpsva1wwaph.jpg

After taking off the bib he was much happier. Still sensitive and thought we were all big old meany pants and pouted whenever we talked to him, but happy enough to “eat” (drink?) his baby food pouch. (Which, side note, he LOVES those pouches now!)  photo 011eresized_zpsf4z3pl4a.jpg

When most of your belongings are packed you might get sick of your same old five toys and resort to playing with staples.  photo 046eresized_zpsb8i70u4n.jpg

The PODS came today!  photo 065eresized_zpsywz7qjyf.jpg

The kids loved watching the guy unload the PODS unit.  photo 051eresized_zpss6gcy1g7.jpg

Everett was amazed and delighted by the process. Though in this particular picture I took he was just studying intently.  photo 063eresized_zps1t8gao8j.jpg

Sometimes Ember puts her shorts on backwards after going potty. These shorts in particular are soft and the back and front are both pretty flat and similar with no buttons or snaps so they’re the pair she gets the most confused on.  photo 074eresized_zpsyhmxazoq.jpg

And if you ever point out her shorts (affectionately) she tries to fix them by sliding them over. So cute.  photo 075eresized_zpsjdsqom5h.jpg

So yeah, I leave in an hour to get Brooke from school and then two hours after that we head over to Littleton area (Highland’s Ranch) to get Allan from Cabela’s. Kevin is picking him up from the airport and dropping him off at Cabela’s. I’m glad Allan will get just a bit more time to hang out and talk with Kevin before we move. We’ve liked living in Colorado but there’s only one reason we’re sad to leave and that’s leaving Kevin and his family.  photo 079eresized_zpsabvvnawb.jpg
PS: sorry about my bland images. Actually, I don’t even know if they’re bland… my new monitor isn’t calibrated and everything looks different on it. My calibration software is packed so I can’t really edit pictures or tell if the colors are decent so… pardon the next two weeks and unedited point and shoot photos!

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