Sanity Break

I’m procrascinating packing. I packed a lot this morning and am getting closer to being done but now is the point of moving where I’m probably 80% of the way done but the last 20% is way more difficult because it’s the stuff that sucks to pack. Lotions, shampoos, soaps, wipes, and all of that messy, difficult stuff to pack. I hate packing up bathrooms. Plus, I’m looking around at the last few items downstairs (the kitchen, living room, and office) and though it’s all stuff I’m supposed to be bringing on the road trip, and therefore planned to be left unpacked, it bugs me seeing it all sitting out. I think mentally I’d be feeling better if once I finished packing a room it was empty besides boxes. But because we’re bringing stuff, there is a little teeny bit of stuff in each room.

We have two weeks before our PODS will be at our new house so I have to pack stuff into the sequoia to get through those two weeks. I hate that part of planning.

Oh and I should say, that obviously I got a new computer monitor! I wasn’t going to partly because packing a new monitor into the limited space in the sequoia instead of buying one once we got to Idaho seemed stupid. And partly because I didn’t have an opportunity to research monitors and had no idea what to get. Buying a new monitor wasn’t on my mental list in the slightest so it caught me off guard when my old monitor just went black and wouldn’t turn on at all again!

So why did I buy a monitor? Because I needed to empty out my memory cards to my computer before our giant road trip! I’m terrible at uploading my photos from my memory cards to my computer these days. I used to do it every day!! I’d load my photos, go through them, edit some, blog… pretty much daily. And now it’s like maybe once a week!!! It’s really awful and I hate it but I’m so.freaking.busy. This is the busiest I’ve ever been and I’m barely making it. Pictures, blogging, and all that… takes a major back seat.

But I have been taking pictures. And I will empty my memory cards once they are totally full and I want to take more pictures… so I need to empty them all before the road trip.

You know what, this is why I don’t blog these days. I feel brain damaged when trying to type a coherent thought. I’m stressed and tired and scatter brained. I hope that some day I can go back to blogging and it making sense and meaning something and not being me sitting down and typing as fast as humanly possible and then being dissatisfied because I can’t concentrate, and then just hitting publish anyway, and whatever… I can’t even type this idea about being coherent, coherently 😉

We’re moving. I’m glad. I’m glad I’m almost done packing. I’m super duper duper glad we have movers and cleaners coming.

Oh. And I’m sick of spending every second of my life with my kids. Literally, LITERALLY, every single second of the last year (17 months) I’ve been with my kids! Oh okay not if you count that time I was in the ER getting fluids because I was dying… besides that, literally every. EVERY. second. I’m so worn out. Oh and to not be judged harshly, I’m sick of them because they are constantly unpacking things, messing up things, and hanging off my legs asking me for things. Despite making sure we go do something fun every day to get out of the house during this stressful moving season.

BUT. We’re moving! Yay! I’ll have my very own house. Next year the older three will be in school. Next year hopefully Everett doesn’t cry all the live long day like he does now. Next year might be a good one!
And I get to see my FAMILY!! Often! I’ve hardly had the mental space to think about that but it’s true! I can’t wait!!

And now I’m going to sign off and MAKE myself finish my bedroom and bathroom!!! I’ll check in again tomorrow. Because I’m sure I’ll just love rereading this jarbled mess in the future so I should write many more posts while I’m like this :/

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