Once upon a time there was a family. A little boy named payson and a little girl named ember and a nine year old named sierra and a eleven year old named brooklyn and a dad and mom named dad mom and a baby named everett. so they’re all had beautiful names but the little girl the four year old had the best room. it was purple with stripes blue yellow and pink. and with pictures of the whole family and sweet stuff with golden stickers all over it. and pink dots and purple dots and every color of dots all over it. (sprinkles her fingers) it was so beautiful. i loved my room. so sierra went in my room and saw it because we got that house and she said, that room is amazing. and sierra walked in paysons room and it was about his favorite movies with boy stickers all over it and his favorite colors in stripes. and it had his favorite colors of dots and with his drawings of him and the whole family except ember the little girl. so ember is so sad that his wall didn’t have a drawing of her. and she still was sad. but none of payson. none of payson. so her was sad. so her went away to payson’s room and mom and dad was drawing her, ember, the girl, with hearts by her and her smiling and her holding a bag of heart candies open with one inside of her mouth and her holding one. it was cute. so ember walked in sierra’s room and her got amazed when her first did it because sierra’s room was all pink with purple diamonds. and sierra, there was stars that were her favorite colors. even orange. but it had everyone except payson. payson was six and ember was three, almost two four. and sierra was one. sierra was a baby and her was in her room sleeping so ember hurries out cause her didn’t want to wake up sierra. ember was a good girl. so dad had to go to work and it was night time so everyone went in their beds and went to sleep. and mom’s room was covered in her (?) but except dad and her. her was drawing dad and her everywhere. with hearts. and hearts were everywhere. and all of the colors. even black. everett’s room was only black with black stickers. he’s wearing a black shirt with green stripes. it was all black and green. it was all black and only green stripes. it was so funny. even his pants were just black. and he only had a black hat and shoes and black mittens. and the mittens were tiny. and he was just nodding his head and got in his room and goed to sleep with mom. cuz it was bedtime. everyone runned in their bed and went to sleep even mom and dad. and everett was crawling up and down so mom was staying up had to stay up then he was just crawled up one there and goes down and goed up and goed down. he was playing a game. he thought mom was playing. but mom said go up everett so he crawled all the way up so he crawled up to his bed and started crinyh. he was two. he had a birthday. but he was still a baby. and he was almost walking. he was almost walking. but every time he walkeded he fell. every time. it was silly. and brooklyn was one. sierra was three. and payson was five. (?) ember was three. payson was every day rude at me. so ever day mom gived him a time out. every single day because he was being rude to ember and ember was only three so there was a picture of three threes and i liked it and a picture of two twos on sierra’s room and a picture of fives five of on payson’s room. payson likes it. and on mom’s room her was 29 so there was three 29s. Three 29s cuz if there was 29 29s that would be way too much cuz her drawed everyone. (she tells all the colors of the rooms again) and the only thing everett did was only say aaaa. every day he would say this, aaah. when everyone said no no everett would be like aaah and start walking. well he was he just walked and someone will say no no and he would look at them and say aaah. and when he crawled someone would put him up and put him but the baby gate was still didn’t have a baby gate so he looked up and started crawling with someone did this someone hit him and slapped him and pulled him all the way and that was brooklyn the brat. brooklyn was trying to save him so her tooked him away from the stairs but mom wanted him to crawl all the way up to his bed but brooklyn wanted him not to. so her did that. her wanted her to see him. and mom said boroklyn go in timeout and that was and put him by the stairs and he went to brooklyn’s room and started crawling to it and sierra walked over and grabbedhim and put hi mn by the stairs and sierra walked away and edverett was like this, aah. When sierra was holding him he was just like aah. and then her put him down and he was like aah. and started crawling and in the middle he said aahg. cuz that was the only word he could say so every day he would say that. and when he was happy he’d be like ahahahaaha. and his cry was this aaaahhhhaaawwwowowowwwaaaah. that was his cry it would even sound like aah. everything that he would say heard like that. two babies crawled and that was sierra and payson. they crawled over and everett said how are you. but everyone was there and said what are you saying. and he said aah. and the babies knew that everett said don’t talk to me and started pointing everywhere and said look at that look at that oh wow wow wow! and the other babies were so happy they were crawling together and the babies said aah. And mom had anoether baby that had just come out and he was like aahahaha. but them teached him how to crawl. there were a lot of babies and they were all crawling. they were all in a line.

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