Sierra and Ember Go To The Dentist!

This is suuuuuuuuuuper long and journal-y. I wouldn’t blame anyone for just skipping to the pictures. ha

I was super smart for once and scheduled only two kids’ dentist appointments at a time. There’s a good reason for that but it’s a long explanation so I’ll sum it up with: Brooke is less jealous of the other kids if we do two at a time instead of four at a time.

We went to the same pediatric dentist we used last year, in Castle Rock. It was about a 30 minute drive and I got to the office and made my way into the building with the five kids, up the stairs, down the hall, to the door, and… it was closed and locked. And inside the office was dark.
I was standing there super confused. Um… ummmmm. Where is everybody?! My appointment is on a Tuesday and it’s Tuesday.
I stood thinking for a minute. The kids were all talking about what was going on, where is everyone, did we come the wrong day, etc.
Suddenly it occurred to me that they had another location in a town even further north of us. I realized… I bet the lady at the desk scheduled me for their Parker location!
I called a different number on their website and got the Parker office and yep, they only work in their Parker office on Tuesdays.
UGH!! Wouldn’t you think that maaaaaaaaaaaybe a patient calls and they’ve ONLY ever been to the Castle Rock location so maybe you should schedule them for that same office or maybe tell them if you schedule them for the Parker office they’ve never been to? haha

Luckily they were slow that day and said they had plenty of time for us to make it down there. It took about 15 minutes to get there so we were only actually about 20 minutes late in total which wasn’t the end of the world but it was stressful to think I was late to an appointment.  photo 345eresized_zpsrnv8ujhf.jpg

The kids loved the waiting room! photo 355eresized_zpsapmkuxrg.jpg photo 359eresized_zpswy7tbblu.jpg photo 361eresized_zpsrapodtgg.jpg photo 384eresized_zpsvus9o5jr.jpg photo 386eresized_zpsvnb8l3qw.jpg photo 389eresized_zpssarkbywx.jpg

Everett was super whiny and fussy but cheered up a lot when he started playing with my shoe and shoelaces.  photo 392eresized_zpsut2bgaqh.jpg

Besides being a super whiny butt he spent the time taking his socks off and throwing them on the floor and taking his toys and throwing them on the floor and anything else he could reach… went on the floor.  photo 400eresized_zps327njytk.jpg photo 419eresized_zpspqi6plva.jpg

They had video games there which meant Brooke and Payson begged to stay in the waiting room while I took Sierra and Ember back for their appointment. The lady at the check-in counter heard them ask me and said that of course they could, she’d be there to watch them the whole time and it wouldn’t be trouble since we were the only ones in the office. I was happy about that turn of events! photo 413eresized_zpslaqglghj.jpg

Once back in the exam/cleaning area Sierra got to go first and Ember was really excited for Sierra. My kids absolutely love the dentist! Ember excitedly watched from a nearby chair.

For a minute anyway. When the hygienist came in and was talking to Sierra she also said a couple things to Ember which made Ember feel super special. She was so happy with this interaction (she’s my social butterfly) she jumped off her chair and ran over to spontaneously hug the hygienist. The hygienist loved that… she was in love with Ember from the start because Ember is just the most adorable thing ever. haha! Ember loves people and is so great with conversations… she’s just easy to love. photo 421eresized_zps87ti1t2f.jpg

Shortly after Sierra started having her teeth cleaned Ember’s hygienist came to get Ember. Ember reacted like it was Christmas. She cheerfully greeted the hygienist with a huge smile and a hug and followed the woman to a different room, skipping the whole way.
Because Ember threw up at her last dentist appointment they had a note in her chart (lol! Oh geez, I have the puke child!) to be really careful during her appointments. The hygienist was so amazing and was giving her full attention to Ember and how Ember was doing. She asked Ember was flavor of toothpaste Ember wanted and listed the flavors and Ember immediately said strawberry. She was super excited! She could barely sit still she was so excited!
The hygienist brought the cleaning tool toward Ember’s mouth and as it neared Ember remarked, “Oh it smells good!!”
The hygienist started cleaning Ember’s teeth and Ember immediately scrunched up her whole face and said it tasted bad! The hygienist stopped and asked if she wanted some water. (The hygienist was as sweet as could be!) And Ember happily said, “Yes, please.”
The hygienist gave her some water and asked if she wanted more. Ember said yes, please and got some more and then the hygienist asked if she wanted any more. Ember replied, “No thank you.” And the hygienist looked at me and smiled and remarked on Ember’s manners before going back to Ember’s teeth.
Ember did gag a couple times during her cleaning but the hygienist just took it slow and stopped every minute to give Ember water and ask how she was doing and tell Ember about what she was doing. It was perfect and everything went fine. No puking. haha
After the cleaning Ember got a baggy of dental stuff and was as tickled as a child could possibly be! Then it was time for Ember to get x-rays. She thought the lead blanket was hilarious.  photo 424eresized_zpscfbutmcm.jpg

Sierra’s cleaning was done by then as well so we went out to meet her. Ember ran over and they immediately went about showing each other their toothbrushes and floss and their new, sparkly white teeth. (sparkly white teeth is a Hausen kid thing, I don’t know who started it but whenever they talk about clean teeth they always specify, “sparkly clean teeth” or “sparkling clean teeth.” photo 426eresized_zpsc7mwhkp1.jpg photo 428eresized_zpst4zrjdyq.jpg photo 430eresized_zpsdhukieob.jpg photo 432eresized_zpshr9lhjgy.jpg

The dentist came in next and I was super nervous to hear about Sierra’s teeth! BUT, it was a needless worry because both girls had no cavities at all. Their teeth looked perfect! Yay!

So I thought about putting all the rest of the photos I took that day in another post because this is long but I think they just fit better here. So, sorry this is a long post. Not that I personally mind, I love long posts!
We were near Allan’s work in Littleton so we met up with him and went to Costco for lunch. After eating we cashed a Costco check (we have a Costco credit card that gives us cash back) before going back to Allan’s work.  photo 444eresized_zpsgrwgdlcg.jpg photo 448eresized_zpsrjfhei79.jpg

We stopped at Michael’s before heading home.
It was nearing the end of the work day by then so we hit some traffic.  photo 457eresized_zpsvotn1ybc.jpg photo 459eresized_zps7s48ovws.jpg photo 467eresized_zpsoscipxae.jpg

Once home we had some art time.  photo 476eresized_zpsvixonedn.jpg photo 481eresized_zpsegct1xdr.jpg photo 483eresized_zpsqeirnonx.jpg photo 489eresized_zpscgbxgjfi.jpg photo 492eresized_zpsmdbjgjwx.jpg photo 493eresized_zpszwv3hxig.jpg photo 495eresized_zpsgplopndq.jpg photo 496eresized_zps8nn7ipky.jpg photo 498eresized_zpsft6baeyb.jpg photo 505eresized_zpsddy8funx.jpg

And then I didn’t take any more pictures until much later. We had chicken pot pie for dinner.  photo 547eresized_zpspwsxzs4f.jpg

Everett loves to climb these days.  photo 528eresized_zpsthgpbajw.jpg

And at our nightly brushing teeth time the girls were super excited about their new toothbrushes!! Ember begged me to get my camera and film her brushing her teeth with her new toothbrush!  photo 531eresized_zpspz3ttk7n.jpg photo 533eresized_zpsz0gnuyog.jpg photo 541eresized_zpsahfpty9m.jpg

And… um… here’s Payson.  photo 542eresized_zpszf0ybokh.jpg

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