Everett Ruins Outings

Everett is so frustrating in stores. In the ergo, in the cart, in my arms, in a stroller… it doesn’t matter. He’s whiny or just straight up cries and screams.
I can give him snacks or toys or things off the shelves or pretty much anything and he just throws it. And then screams louder that I attempted to give him something instead of picking him up and holding him.
So I hold him throughout most of the trips. He still whines and cries and attempts to lunge out of my arms, trying to grab things off shelves. Things he immediately will throw on the ground.  photo 056eresized_zpsefzoahbk.jpg

The girls had a light sunburn from all the hours playing in the snow.  photo 062eresized_zpsb6tkgui0.jpg photo 067eresized_zpsudq2wr7a.jpg

I found this singing pig and Everett loved that thing. He was laughing his head off and dancing along with it.  photo 071eresized_zpssmdojhif.jpg photo 073eresized_zps0s4hvxwb.jpg

Once home I had to unload the groceries while listening to Everett cry and scream from the baby gate.  photo 078eresized_zpsxu4ogp1g.jpg photo 080eresized_zpslcpgeeka.jpg

And then I made the pioneer woman’s orange chicken after I finally got him to bed. And it was yummy until I added the orange zest at the end. Then it was disgusting. Turns out both Allan and I despise orange zest!  photo 089eresized_zpsebwpag3w.jpg photo 090eresized_zps2p5cxy1d.jpg

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