Goodbye, Cade!

Brooke got a fish for Christmas. Originally we thought we’d bring it with us on the move. However, as the time to move got closer we realized that was probably going to be a bad idea. We found a little store that was happy to take the fish and all the fish supplies. Brooke was okay with it, especially thinking about how we could get bunnies or even a small dog one day once we owned a house… but when the time came to actually leave for the store she was pretty emotional. It was a sad day.  photo 048eresized_zpsaj7ztjta.jpg photo 051eresized_zps2ndjujo7.jpg photo 052eresized_zpswdleubbe.jpg
Side note, she named this fish Cade because when Allan and I were first married we bought a beta fish and named him Cade. I got pregnant with Brooklyn while we owned Cade so she always felt a connection to the story of Allan and my little fish. Having a beta fish of her own, she decided he was going to be Cade, too!

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