Closing on our New House!

Today is the day that we close on our new house! I didn’t take a single picture! That’s a shame, too, because there was a play room in the office just for kids who come with their parents to close on houses and the whole thing was a smooth, fun process because of that.
The play room was connected to the room we were in with a giant open door so it was basically like the kids were in the same room with us without being in the same room as us. I mention this because I was constantly glancing over at my kids to see how they were doing. And near the end of signing this huge pile of papers I noticed Everett had moved to the corner of the play room and pulled a toy in front of himself. I knew instantly he was hiding to poop. lol
A couple minutes later he crawled over to me and started crying. His typical I-need-a-new-diaper behavior and if that wasn’t proof enough, the smell was. haha
We still had a few papers to sign and then all the people involved were talking with us about stuff. The entire last 5-10 minutes was fairly torture to me having to stay but needing to go change Everett. And mostly, worrying about them all smelling his poop! Geez.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, when I’m finally headed to the bathroom in the building walking past a bunch of offices I’m thinking about how there’s probably no changing table in the bathroom, how am I going to change this kid? I wanted to change him in the car instead but thought I needed to hurry back to Allan because I think there was still some stuff to talk about. This is almost a month ago now, so forgive my bad memory!

So in the bathroom there is definitely no changing table but Everett’s new stroller reclines so I think, I’ll just recline it all the way and change him on that! And that’s what I do. And have I mentioned before how Everett is my worst during diaper changes? Always has been. He SCREAMS at the top of his lungs in his high pitched baby girl scream and never lets up. All while using both hands to grab at his butt or weiner AND while writhing and kicking and twisting.
It’s torture.

I get him changed as fast as I can, with his piercing screams echoing loudly off the bathroom walls and get his pants back on.
With him still screaming I put buckle him back into the stroller. With him still screaming, I wash my hands and then I finally just take him back out of the stroller into my arms so he stops screaming! His face is full of tears as I leave the bathroom and have to walk down the hall past at least four people’s desks and they all look at me as I walk past and the last guy in the row says something meant to be funny about my screaming baby. I don’t remember what he said and I laughed but inside I felt terrible. I hate having the baby (toddler, really!) who everyone can hear a mile away. At least they knew I was changing him and he wasn’t throwing a tantrum over something else. I don’t know, it was so awkward. And then I couldn’t find Allan anywhere and finally went outside and he was already in the car.

Then he says we’re going to the driver’s license place and should try to get our license. I’m excited about that because that’s a huge thing to check off the to do list but I also panic because I didn’t do my makeup today and even worse I’m wearing yesterday’s mostly-rubbed-off makeup! I look like a mess and that will be my license photo?! Ugh.

Also we have to take a test. So we get the books we need and we study for less than an hour and then we take the test and we both pass easy peasy. haha

Oh but the worst part is while filling out the paperwork and before the test, the lady suddenly says, “Okay, now let’s get your picture.”
I wasn’t prepared for it to happen so I turn quickly to the camera and she just takes it! I was standing there dazed and thinking, oh my gosh that had to have been the ugliest picture of me ever taken. And it practically is 🙁
I hate it so much I may have cried. haha (a tear or two, not like wailing sobs, ha)
And I’m NOOOOOT showing it to any of you, so don’t ask. I’ll just deeply cringe any time I have to use my license for the next 8 years :/

 photo 651eresized_zpstmvhlph1.jpg

Being silly during the long wait at the DMV.  photo 677eresized_zps9quarqeo.jpg photo 680eresized_zpsq0003p3v.jpg

After the licenses we hurried over to Brooke’s school. We were about 15 minutes late picking her up! The DMV took so much longer than we imagined it would!
From her school we went straight to our new house!! We brought in all the stuff from our cars and just hung out there. The kids were running around the place like lunatics. In this particular picture Ember was batting at a fly and Everett was copying her.  photo 682eresized_zpsv0bqmqes.jpg photo 685eresized_zpsdcvmwfkg.jpg photo 689eresized_zpskvmze9rm.jpg photo 692eresized_zpswakmbyjg.jpg photo 693eresized_zpsaf97w6hb.jpg photo 695eresized_zpspw0suzcp.jpg photo 697eresized_zpsuyqcnsmf.jpg photo 702eresized_zpswiry84t9.jpg

And for the sake of the scrapbook we took these:  photo 707eresized_zpsx2uqcsze.jpg photo 709eresized_zpsmm2s0pg9.jpg photo 712eresized_zpsuzte33sw.jpg

Next we hit up Wal-Mart and Costco for some much needed groceries.  photo 718eresized_zps8mxdjal5.jpg photo 719eresized_zpsslcy5ny7.jpg photo 721eresized_zpsml9k0ug6.jpg photo 722eresized_zpsqguw9abc.jpg photo 724eresized_zpsb13s0wzj.jpg photo 732eresized_zpsocjzaqch.jpg photo 736eresized_zps0ilamnfl.jpg

Brooke Starts School!

Wednesday morning after dropping Brooke off at school we head over to check out a grocery store called Natural Grocers. I’ve never been there, though they had them in Colorado, but am feeling desperate to find organic options in this non-organic state. Our Wal-Mart, Target, and other grocery stores in the area, have so far shown to be fairly useless and I’m starting to panic about how to feed my family without buying crap food!!  photo 577eresized_zpsrhlsmn00.jpg

I check out the book section since it’s near the bathrooms and Sierra needed to pee. ha  photo 580eresized_zpswdegkcpg.jpg photo 582eresized_zpsgzg8yhsc.jpg

These are the two books I want to buy but I decide to wait until we’re in our house and my dishes are unpacked!  photo 584eresized_zpsh0gzk9u2.jpg photo 589eresized_zpsjgap5spz.jpg

Back to the hotel to spend the rest of the day. There are free lollipops in the hotel lobby and the kids beg for them. I give mine to Everett because he’s just beyond cranky and I can’t take one more second of being in a hotel holding a whining toddler! It works!  photo 1089eresized_zpsub8ydfge.jpg photo 1093eresized_zpsjwmt1lcl.jpg

Me and the kids play My Little Pony Monopoly.  photo 1096eresized_zpsvfzcvsq4.jpg photo 1097eresized_zpsrhiuzxlc.jpg

Allan gets home and we have dinner in the hotel.  photo 612eresized_zpsdja9lsiw.jpg photo 1102eresized_zpsfjtn9dnp.jpg photo 1106eresized_zpsnhpktval.jpg photo 1109eresized_zps7oezf92r.jpg photo 1118eresized_zpslnuixfuf.jpg

Then we decide to go down and walk around Lake Coeur d’Alene. It’s only five minutes from our hotel 🙂  photo 620eresized_zpsjddafv8e.jpg photo 625eresized_zpsohdj5uiv.jpg photo 626eresized_zpsnaoarhbo.jpg photo 628eresized_zpsjffxk2iu.jpg

It was chilly but not too bad. It was just beautiful and a fun evening 🙂  photo 631eresized_zpsggcguguy.jpg photo 633eresized_zpsio1rf0uj.jpg

Unconstipating the Baby!

This morning very early Everett wakes up screaming. Then he starts grunting and pushing and pushing. And crying. I can tell he’s constipated by his actions and that’s confirmed when I changed his diaper. Poor boy has a big log of poop stuck half way out of his bum and a little drop of blood from where his butt actually ripped a teeny bit from the size of the poop! I’m surprised by this because he doesn’t eat a lot of constipating foods. But on further thought he does prefer meat to most other foods and maybe on the road trip I gave him too much pork at Famous Dave’s? I decide to get him some prunes and applesauce right away, and extra fluids. But I know he’s not going to eat the prunes because he’s been turning away baby food and refusing those baby food pouches, too! Darn it.

In a moment of inspired brilliance I think to myself that he might like baby food in a straw sippy cup. Like a smoothie experience. So I buy some of those take and toss sippy cups and a variety of baby food pouches and containers.
I also decide to buy a new diaper bag since mine is just too small for this move and living out of a hotel. I buy some super cheesy diaper bag with monkeys on it because I only cared about the price and that one was the cheapest 😛  photo 438eresized_zps4ao1z4kg.jpg

I mixed a container of prunes with a fourth of a cup of toddler apple juice and he drank half of it!  photo 414eresized_zpsfwl2q1ky.jpg photo 379eresized_zpslhpzhycx.jpg photo 396eresized_zpszjpcprrf.jpg photo 412eresized_zpslcogqw9x.jpg

After dropping Brooke off at school I decide to check out the local library. I’m nervous because libraries are either really great or really terrible and rarely in between. ha
This one is great, though! It’s not too big but it’s clean and really cute and the kid area is really nice because there are some toys and computers but the focus is on the books! FINALLY a library where the focus is on books and not an indoor playplace or computers!!  photo 422eresized_zpsuz2tljms.jpg

My kids want to throw coins into the fountain but I’m cleaned out of coins since I let them throw my entire coin stash into the fountain in front of the hotel. They’re talking about all the wishes they’d make if they have coins when a man walking past casually reaches into his pocket, no hesitation in his stride, and with a smile drops a small handful of change into my hand. That’s very nice of you, thank you! I call as he continues on his way.  photo 424eresized_zpszrzwuzpb.jpg photo 426eresized_zpsceiyihik.jpg

In some gloriously perfect timing that day is storytime and it’s barely starting just as we arrive. Sierra and Payson hesitate on the edge of the group of kids while Ember catches sight of the group and without prompting runs to grab herself a carpet square and then takes it straight over and sets it down in the middle of the group. That girl! haha

Sierra and Payson seeing their little sister join the group look to me and I say, “It’s okay, you guys can join in, too!” They timidly go and get a carpet square and go sit right by Ember. Ember meanwhile has her eyes fixated on the storytime leader with a huge smile on her face. Sierra and Payson once seated safely in a Hausen-sibling group crack smiles and occasionally do a quick glance at me, just for added security by my nod and smile. I’m sure their timidness is less because of the situation in general and more because of their ages compared to the other kids there. Poor things were the only ones above the age of maybe 5.  photo 429eresized_zpscoxuhnmy.jpg photo 434eresized_zps6xxrsmvv.jpg

Next, we went to McDonald’s for lunch. *sigh* So awful. I really would’ve preferred something healthier but, whatever.  photo 441eresized_zpszv8sl3jv.jpg photo 445eresized_zpsswb0u1nd.jpg photo 447eresized_zpsxczu1jr5.jpg photo 452eresized_zpsf2y6lzty.jpg

Everett was zonked out and I was worried about his position in his stroller. It looked bad for being able to breathe!  photo 439eresized_zps5inwsp5l.jpg

I leaned his stroller back against my lap so he’d straighten out and he promptly woke up and I held him the rest of the time. And made a mental note to finally go ahead and buy myself a new stroller. Not only is this umbrella one terrible if he falls asleep but the wheels on it have never worked well and I’m constantly shaking it as I walk to try to get the wheels to point in the right direction!  photo 449eresized_zps8en0hjqt.jpg

After lunch we went back to the hotel to hang out until it was time to get Brooke from school.  photo 463eresized_zpswx33isvp.jpg

Everett had fun giving himself kisses in the mirror and also pointing out his and his reflection’s belly button. He loves belly buttons.  photo 468eresized_zpsedigvsv8.jpg

I did my hair and makeup since we were going to be eating dinner in the hotel dining area. Three nights a week that hotel had free dinner so that was pretty cool!  photo 488eresized_zpsmdz0oov4.jpg photo 489eresized_zpsf0oxz8i7.jpg photo 491eresized_zps2z61pfsd.jpg photo 493eresized_zps1pzflvwa.jpg photo 496eresized_zpsos7wyp3s.jpg

Everett spent all his time finding the most fun things to do 😛  photo 499eresized_zpsm0zrdr68.jpg photo 501eresized_zps2k18ba7b.jpg

While I had been doing my makeup and Everett had been playing with the garbage, the other kids were playing with play-doh. photo 1041eresized_zps6vlszrh4.jpg photo 1046eresized_zpswnoyzvfn.jpg photo 1060eresized_zps5ryywjcb.jpg

I cleaned up the little kids and changed their clothes. Except the new pants I bought Everett (size 18 months) at Target were giant so they just kept falling off him. Darn.  photo 1066eresized_zps4oznjpaz.jpg photo 1071eresized_zpsi8b7s5yd.jpg

Then it was time to pick up Brooke from school! When we got back to the hotel we spent some time outside. The kids got to blow bubbles out by the fountain.  photo 520eresized_zps30qz75ec.jpg photo 522eresized_zpswmgjuhha.jpg

And Everett actually “drank” a bit from a baby food pouch! Oh and this is his new stroller!  photo 524eresized_zpshfy80bxy.jpg photo 525eresized_zps1tx1qibs.jpg photo 529eresized_zpsr8nzlqxe.jpg photo 535eresized_zps8d2p4pqv.jpg

Then we went back in the hotel. Since I was holding Everett by then since he was cranky, Ember got to ride in the stroller.
 photo 538eresized_zpsiz6y4vam.jpg

I didn’t take many pictures at dinner because it wasn’t that exciting. ha  photo 545eresized_zpsqv6kv5td.jpg photo 547eresized_zpssyzdapsj.jpg

After dinner we went on an errand, to look at mattresses, and then took the kids for ice cream.  photo 552eresized_zpshk6yynh0.jpg  photo 556eresized_zps8c21mq8i.jpg

Everett fell asleep in his stroller and was not at an awkward angle! Yay!  photo 560eresized_zpsgfzpoe6w.jpg photo 563eresized_zpsifirdbdk.jpg photo 564eresized_zpsrnxmejje.jpg

Payson practiced his zombie walking before we went back to the hotel.  photo 570eresized_zpsuw2kjg4i.jpg photo 571eresized_zpsiykcyoqx.jpg

Our first Monday in Idaho, Brooke starts school!

When we were planning our first weeks in Idaho I had a hard time thinking about sending Brooke to school on the Monday after we arrived. I thought that would be a difficult transition for her and I worried about the logistics of sending her to school while in the hotel. I thought we could wait until Thursday since we’d be moving into our new house and maybe that would be better. I don’t know what I was thinking because it was definitely the best idea to put her right into school! She would’ve hated running a bunch of errands with us as we ran around Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls getting things done. She’s my one kid who hates errands with a passion. Payson doesn’t love running errands either but he’s not as vocal about it as Brooke is.

So Monday morning we headed over to Post Falls before school started and Allan walked Brooke in to meet her teacher and look around the school. I would’ve, I wanted to, but I knew Brooke would hate having her siblings there so I stayed in the car with the other four kids.  photo 278eresized_zpsycmx9p1o.jpg photo 280e2resized_zpscaalzuzx.jpg photo 282e2resized_zpsjxdvulnn.jpg

I did my makeup that morning for a change. photo 306eresized_zpsdrmdsmko.jpg photo 297eresized_zpsrhjsgudo.jpg

Next we drove just a few minutes over to our new house! Our real estate agent met us and unlocked the door for us so that I finally got to see the house we’d be buying!  photo 309eresized_zpsvzi6n5sn.jpg

Everett immediately went for the stairs and I made a mental note to buy a baby gate ASAP. ha  photo 317eresized_zps0it0ydsn.jpg

After looking at the house we drove back to the hotel so I could drop off Allan at his corolla. He went to work and I went to Fred Meyer. I wish I’d written down notes during that time because I can’t for the life of me remember what we needed but it was something important. Oh, I do remember! Ember had worn her boots without socks at one point during the road trip and her feet and boots got really stinky. I didn’t have a washer or dryer and was avoiding the laundromat so I bought her some new sandals to wear for the next week!  photo 332eresized_zpset9lyt2o.jpg photo 342eresized_zps5ehddpei.jpg photo 355eresized_zpsbncl958t.jpg

Cafe Rio is right next to Fred Meyer and it was lunchtime by then so I took the four younger kids there for lunch. It was so, so, so good!  photo 886eresized_zpsvrdnpogq.jpg photo 888eresized_zps6xqepezc.jpg photo 894eresized_zps6tjw9mod.jpg photo 905eresized_zpsy4xuirob.jpg

Then we went back to the hotel to hang out and get baths.  photo 915eresized_zpsqvmddcqc.jpg photo 928eresized_zpsmfbxbres.jpg photo 930e2resized_zpstrkrunqp.jpg

There were lots of baths in the hotel. I don’t usually like hotel baths because hotel bathrooms gross me out but this hotel and this bathroom were seriously sparkling clean! I didn’t mind giving my kids baths in there!  photo 367eresized_zps81agyujp.jpg

The last thing I photographed that day was Everett at Target. I bought him some baby food. After that we picked up Brooke from school and went back to the hotel and waited for Allan so we could get dinner together.
Oh and I should add a description to this picture. haha. He was super cranky (he always is, though) and screaming at the top of his lungs. I tried giving him toys and things to keep him entertained but he didn’t care about any of them. I handed him a ball and he cheered up and then I kept handing him more because it cracked him up. Anything to get this kid to stop screaming for five seconds!  photo 1040eresized_zpsg2g8notj.jpg

Moving to Idaho!

Two things before I start:
-I didn’t take that many pictures because I mostly took video of the entire trip.
-I wanted to share that finished edited video but my computer or internet connection just won’t allow it. My set up can’t handle uploading anything larger than two minutes these days and the finished video is 22 minutes.
I really wanted to share the video but at least I got that video burned to a DVD and we watched it as a family yesterday. There was lots of laughing and “aaaawwwws” that made me realize how horrible I’ve been about watching the hundreds of family movies we have! I haven’t burned even a half percent of our footage from the computer to DVDs and that makes me so sad! I’m going to make it top computer-time priority these days to burn our family videos to DVD so we can watch them together!

And lastly before I get to the moving pictures, I wanted to say that I’ve absolutely hated my lack of consistent blogging during the last year and have made a firm goal of blogging daily for the next full month! I really mean it, too. I love blogging. I really love blogging. It makes me sick that my stress and busyness has kept me from my favorite hobby! That and scrapbooking! I am going to catch back up on my scrapbooks! I actually took a few hours last month when we were still in Colorado and caught up on scrapbooking until last December. That was about 5 months of scrapbooking all at once. I could not have done it without project life. I know I may be silly about my passion with project life, but it seriously changed my entire photo world. I needed that, too! I was getting sick of never sitting down to look at my photos with my kids. Now we have updated scrapbooks that they look at all the time! Scrapbooking is a burden sometimes, it can be tedious and expensive, but it really is worth it to me.

Okay, I’ve gone on and on and now let’s get to the photos! Half of these are just the photos that I took when setting up my light and exposure to take video so excuse that… haha.

Ready to leave! We stopped in our driveway in Colorado and Brooke said a prayer to bless our journey with safety and peace and quiet and good attitudes 🙂  photo 003eresized_zpsbrvwlz1x.jpg photo 779eresized_zpswgoqb1f6.jpg

I held off giving the kids their road trip bags for a few hours. They were excited when it was time to do their crafts and play with their little toys. (They had brought things to do from their rooms, but I didn’t give them the new stuff until a couple hours in) photo 785eresized_zpsij5mhsmk.jpg photo 791eresized_zpsfveouudv.jpg photo 801eresized_zps6djcruyl.jpg photo 007eresized_zpsdka4z86g.jpg photo 009eresized_zpstwqemg1c.jpg photo 018eresized_zpsfabthuys.jpg

 photo 019eresized_zpswacoqjuo.jpg photo 026eresized_zpsskgqibsa.jpg

I have a lot of breastfeeding pictures from the road trip! I don’t know why because I don’t usually take a lot of breastfeeding pictures and never more than a couple in one day. I think I just breastfed Everett a lot and was sitting there while the kids and Allan were out playing or getting gas or inside gas stations getting treats so I would be just sitting there and think… well, might as well take a picture. ha  photo 044eresized_zpsji9oe2jj.jpg

We had lunch at McDonald’s. We were going to only eat healthy food on the road trip but that darn McDonald’s went and made their happy meal toys My Little Pony and all four of my kids are obsessed with My Little Pony so the happy meal toys drew us in.  photo 048eresized_zpszt5udrme.jpg photo 049eresized_zpscrnw9cjb.jpg

I try to feed Everett all organic, natural, healthy foods but he did get a couple fries. He saw me dipping mine in BBQ sauce (I like my fries like that) and copied me! It was so adorable because he ate both his fries like that! So cute!!  photo 052eresized_zpszkdjwvlc.jpg

Pardon the giant black spot on this next picture. We got a new point and shoot camera because our old one finally broke and it has a lens hood on it that blocks the flash and I didn’t know. I took it off eventually but this picture was cuter than the ones without black spots.  photo 081eresized_zpsm0chnaja.jpg

We went to Famous Dave’s for dinner! It was so freaking good! Seriously the best food and experience and the final bill for all 7 of us only $24!! Before tip and we leave hefty tips but the actual food price was super reasonable. The server gave us a bunch of corn bread muffins, too. I don’t know if they always give them out for free but they didn’t charge us for them and they were one of all of our favorite parts.  photo 082eresized_zpsqma0qoq3.jpg photo 821eresized_zpsucyrqbzv.jpg photo 822eresized_zpsroxqrakd.jpg photo 825eresized_zps4x4pfvfo.jpg  photo 087eresized_zpss2ta0g5l.jpg

So again, pardon the black shaded part in the left corner. I keep that lens hood on all the time and with this being a brand new camera the habit of removing it isn’t there yet. haha  photo 091eresized_zpsshgrousj.jpg photo 095eresized_zpsehpec6o9.jpg

I wanted a picture with the kids and Allan also took these of me with Everett. Everett caught site of a flag and freaked out with joy. He fell madly in love with flags last month during a lunch trip to Chik-fil-A. He thought the sight of them way up high, waving in the breeze was really cool.  photo 097eresized_zpsa6ibxcrq.jpg

We got to Bellgrade, MO and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. I’m recovering from major germophobia so Allan spent a lot of time researching hotels and got us really nice hotels for our road trip and first week in Idaho. I was really happy with them and didn’t feel grossed out one bit!  photo 105eresized_zpsvqjto7m2.jpg photo 113eresized_zpski7sacsw.jpg

Morning in the hotel.  photo 832eresized_zpsyfoqf2wq.jpg photo 828eresized_zpsen6uxcnh.jpg photo 827eresized_zpsp0c7e39u.jpg photo 829eresized_zpsnjgstpyo.jpg photo 833eresized_zpsfflcuyvr.jpg

My kids are big fans of hotel breakfasts!  photo 837eresized_zpsfb0r5kqf.jpg photo 843eresized_zpsb7zchrrq.jpg

This hotel had a particularly great breakfast! Eggs, sausage, pancakes, muffins, cereal, yogurt, fruit, rolls, biscuits, bagels, and much more! We were truly stuffed when we left the hotel! haha  photo 860eresized_zpsxcxhkrdf.jpg photo 862eresized_zpsih2udk35.jpg photo 867eresized_zpsd1bkn8fa.jpg

The weather did some amazingly cool things during the second day of our road trip! It was foggy and dark, snowing a lot and bright, and eventually turned to lightly cloudy and sunny. It was such a gorgeous day and time of year for a road trip to Idaho!
I wanted to take more pictures of the scenery but our window was super dirty (lots of dead bugs! haha) and my point and shoot would focus on the bugs instead of the stuff outside the car! I could’ve used my 5D but I just didn’t. I used the point and shoot for 90% of the photos and videos just because it was easier.  photo 121eresized_zpscjbi7er4.jpg photo 127eresized_zpsg1avfzz5.jpg

The kids had lots of fun little crafts that I put in their Easter baskets. Easter was a road trip theme for us this year. They had some little fish that came with stickers and googly eyes to stick on and Ember did this.  photo 139eresized_zpsdmwchuii.jpg

This was at the very last gas station stop we had during the road trip. Allan took the four older kids in the gas station to spend the rest of their road trip money on treats and I breastfed Everett again.  photo 143e2resized_zpsyltctspk.jpg photo 144eresized_zpsvuxqq846.jpg

Can you guess what Everett was looking at in these photos? A flag! haha photo 156e2resized_zpsxfwcd2ul.jpg

The kids actually didn’t have a lot of junk food during the trip up to this point. We ate at McDonald’s for both lunches so snacks were relatively healthy in the car. By this time though almost in celebration they bought chips and candy and were really excited about it all. haha! I only took a picture of Ember because I was setting my exposure and video recorded right then instead.  photo 157eresized_zpskmryvagw.jpg

It was difficult to get a photo by the Welcome to Idaho sign because the freeway was super busy there. I didn’t like that people could watch Allan and me as they drove by. That was weirdly embarrassing for me!  photo 167eresized_zpssgwdy4du.jpg photo 885eresized_zps7svyer9t.jpg photo 171eresized_zpszbpkit0k.jpg

Because Allan was towing his boat we had to stop at the weigh station.  photo 182e2resized_zps7fnr4qiv.jpg photo 186eresized_zps0unil7xw.jpg photo 192e2resized_zpstpnov0pg.jpg photo 195eresized_zpsagf4daok.jpg

And then the next stop was at our hotel in Coeur d’Alene!  photo 205eresized_zps7lb8cgkq.jpg

This was our view from our hotel room. Trees! And in the far back of the parking lot you can see our sequoia and Allan’s boat.  photo 207eresized_zpsosolkunj.jpg

We brought a bunch of our stuff up from the car to the room because we would be staying in that hotel for a few days. And by we I mean Allan. I hung out with the kids while he went and got the stuff from the car.  photo 210eresized_zpsjgz9lv7r.jpg photo 211eresized_zps0knrtpyv.jpg photo 216eresized_zpsc3h1smfw.jpg

Before heading out I took a group picture because I liked the group picture from our hotel in Castle Rock last summer.  photo 223eresized_zpsms5zth6f.jpg

From the hotel we drove to our house! It was locked of course so we just hung out in the backyard for a while. These are unedited photos, it was a gorgeous day!  photo 230eresized_zpsdjlryfdc.jpg photo 233eresized_zpsbea7ukpo.jpg

Next we went to the storage unit where Allan had left his corolla when he’d gone to Idaho the week before we moved. He took out the corolla and put his boat in instead. I drove the sequoia back to the hotel and he drove the corolla.  photo 240eresized_zpse7raaupj.jpg photo 241eresized_zpslqjlnybr.jpg photo 246eresized_zpslc0nurua.jpg

We were all starving by this point so we went out to eat. Everyone wanted Panda Express so I didn’t get Cafe Rio.  photo 248eresized_zpsgqsx0hub.jpg photo 250eresized_zpsti4jbkf5.jpg photo 251eresized_zpsajuzelqo.jpg

Every person got a fortune cookie and Ember loved that!  photo 254eresized_zpskqlq9qeo.jpg

Speaking of Miss Picky. She wouldn’t touch a single thing at Panda Express so we stopped at a grocery store so I could run in and grab her some things to bring in to eat.  photo 261eresized_zpsd09pjftm.jpg

Then we went back to the hotel for the night.  photo 269eresized_zpsfptfdjnp.jpg
So that’s all from the actual road trip. I have a lot more photos from our first couple weeks here in Idaho! I’m excited to get a chance to sit down and blog them in the next week. As for right this second, I’m off to do some major unpacking. Most of the house is unpacked but now I’m in the worst phase of it all, the organizing! I have stuff everywhere that doesn’t have its own “home” yet. So yeah, piles and piles of random stuff I have to put away. Basically it’s just like having the most messy house you could possibly have. haha

Loading the PODS!

Today the movers came and loaded up our PODS! I chose to stay out of the house for that whole process because wrangling four children who would be very interested in what was going on, and want to be underfoot, sounded like the least enjoyable thing I could do.

Allan kept Payson home to help out the movers. Payson was thrilled with this and very… what’s the word… proud? of himself. He felt really responsible and mature and was helping out the whole time the guys worked. I drove by a couple times (to bring Allan things from the store) and whenever he’d see me watching him he’d stand tall with his head held high. It was just the cutest thing in the whole world. I don’t want to ever forget how adorable he was, and willingly helpful, today!

I took Brooke to school and then took Sierra, Ember, and Everett with me to Wal-Mart to get one more roll of packing tape to seal up a few last boxes and also two padlocks for our PODS. On the drive home I realized I should’ve bought drinks for the movers and got cash back for tips. I hoped Allan already had cash since we’d talked about tipping them beforehand but it turns out he didn’t. So when I stopped by the house with McDonald’s breakfast for him and Payson (bought that on the drive home from Wal-Mart) he had me go back to the store to get drinks and cash. I went to King Sooper’s this time since it’s closer to our house.

After that I took the kids to Barnes and Noble to hang out for an hour or two while the movers finished up. We bought a couple things for the road trip: a couple books, a monopoly game, and a couple magnetic travel games.

We stopped at Sonic for lunch.

I got home and the landlord was at the house picking up the keys and garage door openers and checking out the cleaning job that was done and if there was damage to the house. She was really happy with how the house looked which made me and Allan happy!

We hung around taking care of a couple things at the house before going to pick up Brooke from school in the afternoon. Allan needed to hang some curtains back up that we’d taken down when we first moved in (they were butt ugly red and yellow curtains! blah) so since the kids were going nuts in the now empty house (they thought it was the coolest thing ever!) I took all the kids but Brooke to the mall. Brooke wanted to stay home and have alone time with Allan and talk to him while he hung up the curtains. Oh and he also reattached a giant wooden shelf to the wall in the laundry room. I have no idea why the landlord likes that thing up, it 100% made it impossible to get to the washer and dryer without having to bend at a really odd angle!

So at the mall we were going to play at the play area but turns out Ember was the only one short enough. It was filled with itty bitty kids and a sign, giant sign, was posted that children above a certain height can’t play. Darn! We went over to a fountain and threw about a dollar’s worth of coins, one by one, into the water instead. Then we went up to the food area to get a fruit smoothie. Except then I asked Payson if he got lunch today and he said no. So I got him Chik-fil-A. And Sierra and Ember were hungry by then (6pm) so I got them some, too.

Brooke and Allan ate leftover pizza. Allan’s also eating a chicken pot pie right now.

Since, once again, the kids were running around like mad in the empty house and we were worried about them making a huge mess somewhere (Payson peed on the floor twice today! Weird) we headed out to Bass Pro Shops to get Allan a shirt and basically just walk around and relax. The nearest Bass Pro Shops to our house in Idaho is clear over by Seattle so a 5 hour drive! We won’t go there more than once a year I bet.

So we got home from Bass Pro Shops and the whole family played My Little Pony Monopoly. Allan was Fluttershy. haha. It was fun!! Brooke hated the game because she wanted to win and she wanted this one property in particular that Payson bought at the beginning of the game and she was furious when he wouldn’t sell it to her. To be fair, he only had two properties so he was attached to them!

After the game I put Everett to bed and Allan gave Ember a chocolate zucchini muffin (from Costco) and then took her with him to go fill the car with gas. They just got back a minute ago and she was asleep so he’s going to put her straight in bed. And I have to organize our belongings that are left and load up the sequoia because 6am tomorrow we’re driving away!

 photo 035eresized_zpsfyh4je3m.jpg photo 037eresized_zpsfu1yzvnx.jpg

At King Sooper’s the girls said goodbye to the horse there. They’ve always called it Riley and say it’s a girl. Ember and Sierra hugged it but Ember went further and kissed her a few times as well.  photo 061eresized_zpsv9w1oq8l.jpg

When we brought Allan and Payson breakfast Payson ran up to the car to see us. He was feeling so grown up and proud. We all complimented him and gushed about how great of a mover he was and he was tickled.  photo 072eresized_zps4g7zpmgg.jpg

At Barnes and Noble.  photo 078eresized_zpsrx96las3.jpg photo 083eresized_zpszw5h0jpd.jpg photo 088eresized_zps8dejcvcb.jpg

At the mall.  photo 100eresized_zpsts16hjyt.jpg photo 104eresized_zpsrr2uqdff.jpg

Well, I Did It!

Everything is packed. I can’t believe it. This was so hard. I feel like crying in exhaustion and relief. I really hope and pray we never move again. I can’t even imagine doing this ever again.

The only time Everett slept today:  photo 006eresized_zpsietonnqr.jpg

Everett loved Cafe Rio! (We went there with Allan after Allan got home from Idaho this evening!)
He liked the beef and beans and rice and LOOOOOVED horchata!! I’ve never seen him that excited about any food or drink before. He kept loudly squealing, “NANA!” and pointing to the horchata cup. (Nana is what he named breastfeeding and has started to call food and drink this week! It’s SO cute!)
I gave him water once when he asked for the horchata and he immediately pointed to the other cup he knew was horchata and squealed, “NANA! NANA! NANA!”
 photo 017eresized_zpsxxw90ocn.jpg

It is really, really good to have Allan home. It is not okay when he’s gone. Everything falls apart and I feel so lonely.  photo 019eresized_zpszfsozcc9.jpg


I’m choosing to not blog about my feelings right now because moving doesn’t bring about good feelings 😉

I have hundreds of pictures I never blogged and I probably will blog them once we’re moved into our new house in Idaho but for now, here are the pictures I took in the last 24 hours:

I got a new eyeshadow by ELF for 2 or 3 dollars. I love that ELF products are so cheap! It’s a gel shadow that goes on smooth and is my favorite color for my eyes these days. It’s just a simple shimmery brown color. I used to be all about the silvers, blues, grays and blacks for my eyes but now I’m all about the browns.  photo 021eresized_zpssrjqdeeo.jpg

I sat down with Allan two weeks ago and planned out a detailed menu for this whole month. My big goal was to not eat fast food, and to still eat healthy, during this moving process even through these last few days with our dishes packed.
Guess how that’s going! If you guessed I’ve spent a hundred dollars on fast food this week you’re right!  photo 003eresized_zpsa2eucpn2.jpg

I bought some disposable bibs at Wal-Mart when I randomly spotted them while walking through the baby section on my way to buy a bunch of baby food pouches. I don’t use bibs with Everett (just wash him down in the sink or bath) but for a road trip I thought those sounded brilliant. Problem is Everett thought of the bib, especially a paper-ish disposable one, as a vicious move of torture by his mother and screamed at the top of his lungs while pulling the thing as hard as he could to try to get it off.
He wouldn’t stop crying until I took it off.
 photo 006eresized_zpsva1wwaph.jpg

After taking off the bib he was much happier. Still sensitive and thought we were all big old meany pants and pouted whenever we talked to him, but happy enough to “eat” (drink?) his baby food pouch. (Which, side note, he LOVES those pouches now!)  photo 011eresized_zpsf4z3pl4a.jpg

When most of your belongings are packed you might get sick of your same old five toys and resort to playing with staples.  photo 046eresized_zpsb8i70u4n.jpg

The PODS came today!  photo 065eresized_zpsywz7qjyf.jpg

The kids loved watching the guy unload the PODS unit.  photo 051eresized_zpss6gcy1g7.jpg

Everett was amazed and delighted by the process. Though in this particular picture I took he was just studying intently.  photo 063eresized_zps1t8gao8j.jpg

Sometimes Ember puts her shorts on backwards after going potty. These shorts in particular are soft and the back and front are both pretty flat and similar with no buttons or snaps so they’re the pair she gets the most confused on.  photo 074eresized_zpsyhmxazoq.jpg

And if you ever point out her shorts (affectionately) she tries to fix them by sliding them over. So cute.  photo 075eresized_zpsjdsqom5h.jpg

So yeah, I leave in an hour to get Brooke from school and then two hours after that we head over to Littleton area (Highland’s Ranch) to get Allan from Cabela’s. Kevin is picking him up from the airport and dropping him off at Cabela’s. I’m glad Allan will get just a bit more time to hang out and talk with Kevin before we move. We’ve liked living in Colorado but there’s only one reason we’re sad to leave and that’s leaving Kevin and his family.  photo 079eresized_zpsabvvnawb.jpg
PS: sorry about my bland images. Actually, I don’t even know if they’re bland… my new monitor isn’t calibrated and everything looks different on it. My calibration software is packed so I can’t really edit pictures or tell if the colors are decent so… pardon the next two weeks and unedited point and shoot photos!

Trash and Toilets Done

Finished cleaning the toilets and emptying every last bit of trash I could find. Took the garbages to the curb but walked them a ways away from the house to make room for the PODS. While I was doing all that guess what my kids were doing?!

If you guessed making the biggest messes they possibly could you are RIGHT!!