Everett’s Hands

Just a bunch of pictures I took of Everett’s hands while he was playing in my room one day.  photo 338eresized_zpsct3perkz.jpg  photo 354eresized_zpsxxgxve0h.jpg photo 360eresized_zpsfff0xm19.jpg photo 369eresized_zpsd5ibxju8.jpg photo 372eresized_zpsl0ju0y82.jpg photo 379eresized_zpsidncwmll.jpg photo 380eresized_zpsck1dqykg.jpg photo 386eresized_zpskymw9npk.jpg

This picture shows the webbing he still has on his left hand. He will need surgery to correct that syndactyly (incomplete, simple type 1) when he’s 3-5 years old.  photo 389eresized_zpsrafjcwbo.jpg

I marked the fingers with a small line to show where his knuckles are and why it’ll be important to get the surgery. When he’s an adult that webbing will still be almost up to his knuckles. As a toddler it doesn’t look too bad or affect much but just look at your own hand and imagine webbing connecting your ring and middle fingers up until almost your knuckles! Crazy, right? So he’ll definitely need that surgery when he’s bigger. Oh and they didn’t do it at the same time as his other surgery because they never do that. Any child that has syndactyly on both sides of a finger has two separate surgeries. The reason why being that if the circulation on one side of the finger gets messed up or affected the other side will still be okay and bring blood to the finger. You don’t want the arteries on both sides to risk being destroyed or damaged at once.  photo 389eresizedline_zpsaipetvqg.jpg photo 391eresized_zpsp5s3cp0r.jpg photo 402eresized_zpsosjjgqor.jpg

There are a lot of photos because I don’t usually take lots of different angled pictures of his fingers and I felt like I probably should!  photo 416eresized_zpsoaszdssj.jpg photo 421eresized_zpsjceiyfll.jpg photo 425eresized_zps045gabz5.jpg photo 429eresized_zpsmfclc4an.jpg photo 436eresized_zpseozwhjrr.jpg photo 438eresized_zpsbmqkwyoi.jpg photo 452eresized_zpsigwte2cf.jpg

And then he climbed in an empty laundry basket.  photo 461eresized_zpshmjtgyx5.jpg photo 468eresized_zpsrtjirozm.jpg photo 472eresized_zpsl0ix6xsp.jpg photo 474eresized_zpsvkvbq9cs.jpg photo 479eeresized_zps5xf9unmz.jpg photo 482eresized_zpsrvrtayui.jpg photo 484eresized_zpsachiwjt1.jpg photo 486eresized_zpsrq4sozax.jpg photo 487eresized_zpsmgfxsvn2.jpg photo 510eresized_zpsoynjertd.jpg photo 514eresized_zpsqg2mba2x.jpg
 photo 518eresized_zpsi5ntzkyo.jpg photo 520eresized_zpsny03rqd4.jpg

My 32nd Birthday!

Two months ago I turned 32!  photo 151eresized_zpszosl18jb.jpg photo 152eresized_zpscupt7sq8.jpg photo 153eresized_zpsftxe2bov.jpg photo 158eresized_zpsipfqphup.jpg photo 161eresized_zps2pm9nxch.jpg

We went bowling for my birthday at the Fish Bowl at Bass Pro Shops. I already facebooked these pictures but I want them on my blog. We had a lot of fun!
We waited in the car while Allan ran in to make sure they had an opening for us. I breastfed Everett, too.  photo 044eresized_zpsg5jrmode.jpg photo 045eresized_zpsqckuenuv.jpg photo 046eresized_zpsfuv8yaty.jpg photo 049eresized_zpsu5hpwwse.jpg photo 050eresized_zpsxydrimfb.jpg photo 051eresized_zpsac5l57yk.jpg photo 052eresized_zpsitmdfbfu.jpg photo 054eresized_zpslkbnkhj5.jpg photo 057eresized_zpsxjfxz715.jpg photo 059eresized_zpsmflvrvnl.jpg photo 060eresized_zps73qdbn7q.jpg photo 061eresized_zpsltkmnza8.jpg photo 177eresized_zpsspcjiu9u.jpg photo 175eresized_zpsud3fybow.jpg photo 183eresized_zpsuz3huwlj.jpg

I wanted to add these pictures that I never put online… Allan bought me cupcakes from a cupcake shop near his work! They were SO good!  photo 532eresized_zpsrklqrb4a.jpg photo 534eresized_zpsxc3ecpqu.jpg photo 535eresized_zps0vdqysdp.jpg

Ember was still up (when isn’t she?) so we shared some with her.  photo 541eresized_zpsr1eqpmte.jpg photo 543eresized_zpss3b5zzcz.jpg

Baby in a Bed

Ember helping make mac and cheese.  photo 012e2resized_zpslrwscy1l.jpg photo 028eresized_zpsufie7xna.jpg

These organic yogurt “popsicles” from Costco are awesome.  photo 034eresized_zpseesm0hwx.jpg

Every morning Everett crawls over to help open the shades in the living room. It’s cute!  photo 173eresized_zps0hhknzr0.jpg

I don’t remember why I took these pictures or made these faces. I had a reason at the time but now this was two months ago so heaven knows what I was doing.
 photo 262eresized_zpstp69yn2c.jpg photo 264eresized_zpshwho2gmn.jpg

Everett woke up from a nap. I wanted to document how he sleeps in a pack and play. We’ve tried a crib and he far prefers his pack and play!  photo 287eresized_zps0pqv6oum.jpg photo 293eresized_zps4r7gn4c7.jpg photo 297eresized_zpsia0ru3uh.jpg photo 307eresized_zpscfpturbf.jpg photo 327eresized_zpsscfexsmr.jpg

Under the Bridge in Castle Rock

One day Allan called me from the parking lot at work. He does that sometimes if he has something important to talk to me about. He was so distracted by our important conversation (which I’m guessing was about moving) he accidentally locked his keys in his car!
Allan works about 45 minutes away (with no traffic) in Littleton while I live in Colorado Springs. So I gathered up the kids and off we went to unlock daddy’s car for him.
After unlocking his car and him getting his keys we talked for a little while and then I headed back home with the kids. But I took the opportunity to stop in Castle Rock at one of our old favorite spots! There’s a small bridge there with a nice walking trail. We had fun walking around and remembering last year when we used to go there all the time. I knew it would be our last time ever visiting that spot so I was really sentimental about it. I really loved the times we spent there.  photo 377eresized_zps6kolkcpg.jpg photo 379eresized_zpshfppz1vz.jpg

Everett was in a really bad mood that day and didn’t want to be in the stroller.  photo 387eresized_zpscvecmfao.jpg

We found a nice little log for a seat in the shade and spent some time hanging out there.  photo 399e2resized_zpsg1ilbevz.jpg

Those last two and these next two images clearly don’t go together but I put them on the same canvas and then will cut them apart to put in scrapbooks when I have them printed.  photo 401e2resized_zpsg09imc6v.jpg photo 404eresized_zpsq9be1za4.jpg photo 413eresized_zpsr2kpkdk0.jpg photo 415eeresized_zps6qcsh6oc.jpg

We eventually headed back toward the car. We stopped at this fence because the kids wanted to climb on it.  photo 422e2resized_zpsidoqpruw.jpg photo 427eresized_zpswhbp0btw.jpg photo 437eresized_zpsryno9ety.jpg photo 440e2resized_zpsdatn3iw2.jpg photo 454eresized_zpspaxtsb86.jpg

All these coming pictures of Ember and Everett are unposed. She is always hanging on her brother like this.  photo 460eresized_zpsrbo9kvzh.jpg photo 467eresized_zpscld8411p.jpg photo 469eresized_zpskhh5j2qz.jpg photo 477e2resized_zpshfwqpo20.jpg

Brooke wanted her portrait taken! And she looked beautiful, too!  photo 492eresized_zpsr2wc0t3n.jpg photo 511eresized_zpspajooll4.jpg photo 518eresized_zpstklffraa.jpg

So letting the kids climb on that fence was really stupid of me. Turns out it was an older fence with a lot of splinters! And poor Payson got a pretty hefty one and before telling me he attempted to get the splinter out himself which you all could probably guess… pushed the splinter in really deep!! I was horrified because I knew it’d be really painful to get that huge splinter out. Poor Payson. I felt awful for him.
Back at the car I cleaned his hand lightly with an organic baby wipe (luckily I had those on hand!) and then dumped some water on his hand. I did that because his hands were filthy from playing outside the last hour and I didn’t want to push all that dirt into the little hole I was positive I was going to create in his hand while prying out the splinter.

Payson was being so brave. I told him it would hurt but that I would try my best to remove the splinter as quickly and carefully as I could for him. He said okay and had a quivery voice but didn’t jerk away or cry or fuss while I went about getting the splinter out. I tried the trick where you use a small, flat object to try to push the splinter out from the part where it’s the deepest, towards the hole it left when it went in. Didn’t work. The splinter didn’t budge. I realized immediately I’d have to remove a bit of skin to make a good enough hole for the splinter to come out. Poor Payson! I rinsed off some tweezers I keep in the car and carefully pulled a bit of skin away from the hole the splinter made. Without tearing the entire area open though! Once the hole was a little bigger I pushed the splinter from the bottom (the deepest part) out toward the hole again and this time it came out!
Except a part of it. The deepest part. Payson had really pushed that splinter deep 🙁

I pulled the hole open more, as little as I could, but enough to finally get access to that last bit of splinter.
And wouldn’t you know that my most sensitive, whiny, cries at the drop of the hat, kid was SO freaking brave and resilient! I was so impressed and must’ve told him so a few dozen times! When that last bit of splinter came out and I hugged him and told him it was done and he did it and was now on the way to being pain free he was so happy and proud of himself.  photo 529eresized_zpsbfqsfdmd.jpg photo 530eresized_zpsfrkvmbyz.jpg

Fox Run AGAIN!

Part of why we go to Fox Run so often is because we’re moving. It’s a really fun park with a great walking area so we figure we’ll take advantage of it while the weather is nice and we still live in Colorado! This time we went on a weekend so Allan was with us!  photo 169eresized_zpsqsmmciex.jpg photo 173eresized_zpsd3tlhoiz.jpg photo 176eresized_zpsirzvh3hm.jpg photo 178eresized_zps7xhyzeaj.jpg photo 180eresized_zpssjwkn4ps.jpg photo 181eresized_zpsihbe5ron.jpg photo 184eresized_zpsbulj4uen.jpg photo 188eresized_zpsgcp7xkoi.jpg photo 198eresized_zpsuwx8kq8f.jpg

I love this phase Everett’s in where he points at everything! He does this cute little baby, “uh!” every time. I don’t know how else to write it besides “uh.” He has a really soft, high baby voice and when he says things it’s just so sweet.  photo 200eresized_zpsan3cy6r8.jpg photo 205eresized_zps8bs1aw2o.jpg photo 204eresized_zpsqi8dd5do.jpg photo 211eresized_zpsaqjeypyo.jpg photo 214eresized_zps18iv5bzw.jpg photo 226eresized_zps1pla4oxt.jpg

I snuck this picture of Allan, Ember, and the dad/son duo they spent the entire park trip playing with.  photo 228eresized_zpsjbyxewhf.jpg photo 232eresized_zpsbgpnytv9.jpg

Payson spent some time seeing how fast he could go down the slide, run back around to the stairs and climb up, and slide again.  photo 243eresized_zpsyedhzttg.jpg

 photo 261eresized_zpsxcynoaqz.jpg photo 267eresized_zps0qbkrs0x.jpg photo 278eresized_zpsonlqtbpg.jpg photo 282eresized_zpsgxhzq0sj.jpg photo 286eresized_zpsgekgc91k.jpg photo 294eresized_zpssqwwq2tx.jpg photo 300eresized_zpswzuyculb.jpg photo 310eresized_zpseq79kh7c.jpg photo 318eresized_zpsmcwgazec.jpg photo 347eresized_zpsewxddiid.jpg photo 351eresized_zpse60ulk7j.jpg photo 358e2resized_zps3pz5oiah.jpg photo 361eresized_zps7ckebgtm.jpg photo 363eresized_zpsdzvvotr3.jpg

Good Morning! Welcome to Breakfast Time at the Hausens!

 photo 364eresized_zpscrqfncez.jpg

I was having an egg and avocado on a bagel. How cute is my baby?! photo 393eresized_zpsjx2mpoz7.jpg

I gave Everett a bowl of gluten free baby puffs when I was doing dishes later in the day. He was crying in his high chair so I just let him eat them on the kids’ bench.  photo 396eresized_zpsvcg5fy3f.jpg photo 406eresized_zps3snut4p9.jpg

And then I sat down to try to blog but never did! haha
And is that baby eyeing my coke?!  photo 483eresized_zpskhfxlwox.jpg
The girls had already had breakfast and were out playing in the snow, like usual!

Painting Time!

 photo 311bwresized_zpsw4wpkrgh.jpg photo 313bwresized_zpsqpyrehlx.jpg photo 319bwresized_zps1ixxtko8.jpg

I was painting with them.  photo 324eresized_zpsquhnwvch.jpg photo 331eresized_zpsvv6xspo7.jpg

Payson wanted me to take a picture of this Plants vs. Zombies 2 picture I drew earlier in the day. I just copied a picture from google images but he thought it was the best morning of his life. haha 🙂  photo 337eresized_zpstrt9zxur.jpg

After everyone else had gone to bed I was up with just Ember. We were drawing together on the white board and I told her I was going to draw her. When I drew this goofy girl with the giant head Ember lost it. She was laughing harder than I’ve ever heard her laugh in her entire life. It was literally one of the best moments of my entire life!!  photo 339eresized_zpstg8ax1dw.jpg