The Homeschool Grind

This day of homeschooling is one of those yucky days of homeschooling. Everett is crying all day. To get anything done I wear him. My back is killing me and I’m an exhausted wreck. But you know who’s working well without too much help? Sierra. Thanks to Christian Light. (See post below) Yay!  photo 249eresized_zps9hexofas.jpg photo 253e2resized_zpskdsww5bs.jpg

My daughters learned counting on their fingers at school and use it a lot. Payson was my one kid who never counted that way but for some reason in the last month he’s started doing it! I don’t really mind, as long as he can do mental math too, then it’s all good.  photo 259eresized_zpszs0w9l2x.jpg photo 271eresized_zpstd2hmbzs.jpg

Guess how many hours of sleep I’ve gotten every night of this week. If you guessed very, very few you’re right!  photo 274e2resized_zpsmouinnax.jpg photo 286eresized_zpsh2rmbwee.jpg

I set the camera up with the timer and Ember was taking all these pictures of us.  photo 287eresized_zpsk81nxnjn.jpg photo 291eresized_zpshrcowiml.jpg

After school work was finished the kids played.  photo 307eresized_zpsumktlqtt.jpg photo 308eresized_zpsse3bmwin.jpg photo 314eresized_zps7pxq2jpc.jpg

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