Sierra Starts Christian Light!!!

We are SO excited when a package comes in the mail.  photo 530eresized_zpsggz2lclq.jpg

I researched and researched and researched curriculum when the stuff we had was just not working for us anymore. I desperately needed something child led, or something the child could at least half way do independently. I wanted a curriculum that taught in the child’s workbooks/textbooks and didn’t just leave it 100% for the parent to read and teach from the parent guide!

In my search I read on a homeschool blog somewhere the term independent curriculum. I googled that and went through as many links as I could and read about as many curriculums as I could. I don’t like switching around curriculum and try not to but if something’s not working, I will switch. Every single change I’ve ever made in curriculum has helped so I know that though I might spend more money and it changes what the child is learning about right then, it’s very worth it if the new curriculum is better for all involved.  photo 198eresized_zps9im2x9or.jpg

Sierra was very excited!  photo 200eresized_zpsg61vwnuo.jpg photo 203eresized_zpsgodckf9m.jpg

So these are from the very first day we used Christian Light. It went SO well! Sierra loved it, it was much easier on me, and it’s now been two months and every single day we homeschool I’m so grateful I found this curriculum and made the switch! I LOVE it! Sierra loves it!
If I homeschool anyone next school year I’m using Christian Light!  photo 209e2resized_zpsfs49u6gw.jpg

And I might as well throw the rest of the pictures I took that day in this post, too!
The kids had popsicles on the porch.  photo 222eresized_zpskgaxy57h.jpg photo 224eresized_zps4dlbamnq.jpg

Everett loves puzzles. He doesn’t even mind when he can’t fit the piece in quite the right way. He just lays it on top of the space and is happy as a clam.  photo 230eresized_zpsdkvsfipk.jpg photo 235eresized_zpsovm1bdmz.jpg

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