I walk into the office to see stuff everywhere. The kids have set up “forts” made out of piles and piles of toys and boxes and chairs they’ve drug in. I fight back my anger at the giant mess and tell them to make it less of an eye sore and they can keep playing their game. This is the final result:  photo 547eresized_zpskgajcvzh.jpg photo 548eresized_zps0skxdpju.jpg photo 557eresized_zpsd92r2krz.jpg photo 558eresized_zpsu3qxqhvl.jpg photo 562eresized_zps9t6royfb.jpg

Just gonna throw these two pictures in here, too.  photo 588eresized_zpsewaw2dm9.jpg photo 610eresized_zpstfhgdhpv.jpg

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