Baby in a Bed

Ember helping make mac and cheese.  photo 012e2resized_zpslrwscy1l.jpg photo 028eresized_zpsufie7xna.jpg

These organic yogurt “popsicles” from Costco are awesome.  photo 034eresized_zpseesm0hwx.jpg

Every morning Everett crawls over to help open the shades in the living room. It’s cute!  photo 173eresized_zps0hhknzr0.jpg

I don’t remember why I took these pictures or made these faces. I had a reason at the time but now this was two months ago so heaven knows what I was doing.
 photo 262eresized_zpstp69yn2c.jpg photo 264eresized_zpshwho2gmn.jpg

Everett woke up from a nap. I wanted to document how he sleeps in a pack and play. We’ve tried a crib and he far prefers his pack and play!  photo 287eresized_zps0pqv6oum.jpg photo 293eresized_zps4r7gn4c7.jpg photo 297eresized_zpsia0ru3uh.jpg photo 307eresized_zpscfpturbf.jpg photo 327eresized_zpsscfexsmr.jpg

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